New Tours: Harry Potter Walk in London, York and Edinburgh

Silverscreen Tours has teamed up with See Your City to bring you three new filming locations tours. Harry Potter fans don’t want to miss these 2-hour walking tours in London, York and Edinburgh.

You’ll be sorted into one of the four magical houses of Hogwarts and then go on an exploration of the cities’ filming locations. Then set off on your journey around town, enjoying Harry Potter trivia quizzes from your guide along the way to earn points for your house.

With an animated scoreboard, video clips of movie scenes, costume pieces, and reenactments, this is an interactive experience that allows you to live out your Harry Potter dreams. You also have the chance to use your spell knowledge to outwit members of other houses.

See Your City boasts the UK’s finest selection of cultural tours, both pop and historical – sampling for you the most entertaining guides at great prices. Their walking tours are suitable for all ages, and will have you marvel at the cities you thought you knew.

See the Harry Potter Walking Tours here:

Harry Potter Walk in London

Harry Potter Walk in York

Harry Potter Walk in Edinburgh

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