Harry und Seinfeld Tour durch New York City (derzeit ausgesetzt)

Unsere Harry und Seinfeld Tour durch New York City (derzeit ausgesetzt) zeigt eine andere Seite von Manhattan durch die Augen einiger geliebter Charaktere. Hunderte von Drehorten nördlich des Times Square sind auf der Leinwand und auf dem Bildschirm erschienen, werden aber häufig von populäreren Stadtteilen überschattet.

Mit über 40 Drehorten und Insiderwissen ist dies der perfekte Weg, um alles, was Uptown an Filmschauplätzen zu bieten hat, bequem von einem überdachten Bus mit Klimaanlage im Sommer und Heizung im Winter zu erkunden!

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  • Besuchen Sie Monk's, das legendäre Diner aus Seinfeld
  • Erleben Sie romantische Orte aus Harry und Sally
  • Fahren Sie an der U-Bahn-Station vorbei, die in Modern Family's NY-Reise verwendet wurde
  • Sehen Sie, wo die Bardon Bellas in Pitch Perfect auftreten
  • Halten Sie in dem Café an, in dem Meg Ryans Charakter in [email protected] für Dich "aufgestanden" ist
  • Fahren Sie am Museum vorbei, das in Men in Black, When in Rome – Fünf Männer sind vier zuviel und Mr. Poppers Pinguine zu sehen ist
  • Entdecken Sie die noble Stadthausresidenz von Fran Fine und den Sheffields aus Die Nanny
  • Entdecken Sie Drehorte aus Oceans 8, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, How I Met Your Mother, Die Sopranos, Black Swan, Dating Queen, Eiskalte Engel und viele mehr



Beginning north of Times Square and heading through the beautiful and historic Upper West Side and Upper East Side, fans of all ages will experience a New York City they’ve seen on screen but may have missed on family vacations and school field trips.

Columbus Circle

McGee's Pub
McGee’s Pub

Your adventure begins north of Times Square at McGee’s Pub, the inspiration for MacLaren’s on How I Met Your Mother. Weaving down the crowded avenues you’ll see the original “Soup Man” from Seinfeld (still possibly the best soup in NYC), and north up 8th Avenue.

Christopher Columbus stands center in Columbus Circle as the point all distances from New York are measured, and is easily recognized in Ghostbuster’s, When in Rome, Crocodile Dundee and many more films. Surrounding the circle is Trump Tower, the Time Warner Center, and the Maine Memorial, spotted in Tower Heist, The Other Guys, and Enchanted.

Upper West Side

Cruising up Broadway away from the fan fare of Columbus Circle the next landmark you can’t miss will be the famed Lincoln Center. The fountain positioned center among Lincoln Plaza has been featured countless times since the Centers completion in the 1960s. Unmistakable in Moonstruck, Sweet Home Alabama, Glee, and most recently Pitch Perfect, the center has featured hundreds of performances and events, both real and scripted.

Jerry Seinfeld and his gang called the Upper West Side home, showcasing many neighborhood hotspots over the years. From now closed H&H Bagels to Gray’s Papaya, where you can still grab a NYC hot dog for cheap, these guys knew how to hang. Their favorite spot to hangout – and our second stop – is “Monks,” a.k.a. Tom’s Restaurant featured in almost every episode of Seinfeld.

Another true fan of the Upper West Side neighborhood was famous writer Nora Ephron, who found these quiet streets a perfect setting for her romantic comedies. We’ll visit UWS staples like Zabar’s, Café Luxembourg, and stop for coffee at Café Lalo. Featured in You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally you’ll feel right at home among these locations.

Upper East Side

Turning east you’ll head along 110th Street, the northern edge of Central Park, into the Upper East Side. Featured in hundreds of productions for its beautiful mansions, world-renowned museums, and of course Madison Avenue shopping.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum Mile is home to ten museums, and featured in far too many movies and TV shows to mention at once. You’ll recognize the City of the Museum of New York as Constance Billard School in Gossip Girl. Down the road is the Guggenheim Museum where Isaac and Mary meet in Woody Allen’s Manhattan. Most famous of all is the The Metropolitan Museum of Art and more importantly, “The Met Steps.” Our third and final stop, thousands of people a day sit on these steps, just like Blair on Gossip Girl and Albert (Kevin James) in Hitch. Inside is the Egyptian Room where Harry and Sally realize their love for one another in When Harry Met Sally.

Among these cultural institutions are the mansions, townhomes and penthouses of Upper East Side residents. Many are indistinguishable from museums, and would take an art theft to afford. The Valmont Mansion is the home of Sebastian and Katherine Valmont (Ryan Philippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar) in Cruel Intentions, and around the corner was the Sheffield’s mansion on The Nanny. To complete your UES experience the tour passes Barney’s NY, where Elaine from Seinfeld, and Jack from Will & Grace both worked as employees. (Actual employees are far more attentive).


Crossing over 59th Street you’ll be officially leaving Uptown Manhattan and in front of the most filmed building in the world, the Plaza Hotel. Featured in films like The Way We Were, Almost Famous, American Hustle, and Home Alone 2 the building is a never ending classic. Out front is the Pulitzer fountain, inspiration for the fountain the cast of Friends dance in during the opening credits.

Heading into midtown traffic you’ll pass another Trump Tower, a fitting setting as Wayne Enterprises in The Dark Knight Rises and Jordan Beflort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) penthouse in Wolf of Wall Street.

Down the block and one of our last locations is the St. Regis Hotel, famous for where Agent Gracie (Sandra Bullock) learns to turn walking into “gliding.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to see these and many other locations featured on the When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour: a look at TV & Movie locations above Times Square.

* In an effort to stay current, we are constantly updating our tours with new locations and cannot guarantee the presence of locations mentioned on our site. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please let your tour guide know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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