007 James Bond London Private Half-Day Tour

London is not just the capital of the world but it’s also the capital of the Bond Movie series such as The World is Not Enough, Goldeneye, Skyfall, Spectre. Throughout our 007 James Bond London Private Half-Day Tour, your professional tour guide will reveal the secret paths, government buildings, bunkers and London’s iconic Bond venues.

Immerse yourself in the longest series in the history of the film industry and get closer to Mr Bond. Along the way, your guide will illustrate some fascinating landmarks in London and their past.

Marvel at Bond in Motion with an amazing show featuring the biggest official collection of original James Bond cars, props and artefacts. This tour is a dedication to Ian Fleming’s creativity and the most famous fictional spy ever, that’s Double-O-Seven, Bond. James Bond!

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1. Somerset House

James Bond Tour: Somerset House
James Bond Tour: Somerset House

Our Bond saga starts with one of the most iconic venues in London that’s Somerset House. Somerset House is a massive neoclassical building in central London with a view to the Thames River, just east of Waterloo Bridge.

Sir William Chambers built the Georgian Quadrangle on the site of a palace in Tudor times that belonged to the duke of Somerset in 1776. Somerset House’s history goes back to Tudors in 1547 when our famous King Henry VIII passed away. Therefore, it’s one of the important buildings in London and this is why 007 loves Somerset House. Let’s get closer.

2. Rules Restaurant

In Bond’s movie Spectre in 2015, you can clearly see London’s oldest restaurant in Covent Garden. Filming took place inside and outside the Rules restaurant. Rules is also mentioned in Downton Abbey series as well as in some novels written by famous writers.

3. The National Gallery

We are now heading to the National Gallery where Bond climbed their stairs in the Skyfall movie at the entrance to Trafalgar Square and meet with the fictional character Q in gallery 34 in order to get his supergun for his next mission.

Trafalgar Square is a very touristic public square with some of London’s most popular attractions, from galleries and historic buildings to monuments and statues, you can be a part of deep-seated British history. The Square also holds a series of events all year round. Listen to the stories of the kings such as Charles I, Charles IV, Admiral Horatio Nelson, General Sir Charles James Napier and Major General Sir Henry Havelock who shaped the history of this nation. This is probably why Mr Bond loves this area.

4. Parliament Square

Parliament Square is one of London’s favourite film locations in Bond series. As soon as Bond exits from Westminster Tube Station, he was dashing to the court through the Whitehall Street in order to prevent the assassination of M.

Parliament Square is the home of London’s iconic landmarks such as Houses of Parliament, Elizabeth Tower (aka Big Ben), Whitehall, Saint-Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Bridge. It also houses eleven state figures and world leaders, including Sir Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

Parliament Square in London is a popular destination among tourists. The atmosphere is magnificent and it’s one of the must-visit locations in the city.

5. SIS Building

James Bond Tour: SIS Building
James Bond Tour: SIS Building

This information will make you excited. Did you know that The SIS Building (MI6 Building) at Vauxhall Cross houses the real-world headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, MI6)? Remember in Skyfall, again, MI6 was under attack, as M (Judi Dench) watches from a distance from the bridge. This is exactly where we will take you for today, although we are not going to enter the building.

6. London Film Museum

Bond in Motion: Jaguar XKR with Missiles and Rockets
Bond in Motion: Jaguar XKR with Missiles and Rockets

Here is the mind-blowing 007 Bond activity in the city. The new Bond in Motion exhibition in London will make your day in the capital. Over 100 things from all the 24 James Bond films including design sketches, storyboard, writing, model miniature and full-size cars, boats, bikes, and gyrocopters are shown in Bond In Motion.

Bond in Motion displays both high-performance adrenalin pumping devices and the special 007 innovation describing the basic elements of the ongoing past of James Bond. The exhibition also provides highlights of the artistic process in the art department of the production company, the art never-seen-before and storyboards itself.

The Bond in Motion exhibition is currently scheduled to be in London Film Museum until the end of the year – 31st December 2020.

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