Braveheart & Whisky Private Tour from Edinburgh

Traverse the rugged landscapes of Scotland with the Braveheart & Whisky Private Tour from Edinburgh. Follow in the footsteps of William Wallace on this historic and cultural journey.

From the end of the 13th and into the 14th century, Scotland was at war. The country was fighting for its independence from its English occupiers. Over this period, the Scottish won and lost many battles. They became historic events, with their main figureheads becoming heroes of legend. One of which was William Wallace, the fierce warrior Braveheart. Now, you have the opportunity to re-live the events that made a man into an icon.

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Braveheart & Whisky Tour
Braveheart & Whisky Tour

Explore the land known as Braveheart country!

Leaving Edinburgh in the morning, you will travel to Stirling, visiting the impressive Stirling Castle. First established in the 12th century, the castle grew over the next few hundred years, becoming the largest and most important in Scotland. Also, it was the seat of many Scottish Kings and Queens, including Mary Queen of Scots in 1542.

Over the course of the First Scottish War of Independence, the stronghold flipped back and forth between Scottish and English occupancy many times. The most famous siege of the castle was the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. On this occasion, the English retreated within the castle compound, until they were starved to surrender by William Wallace’s forces.

The next stop on your tour is the medieval stronghold, Doune Castle. Originally, the Romans built structures on this site back in the 1st century. Over the next thousand years, these structures evolved and expanded, until they were damaged during the First Scottish War of Independence. Now, the castle that stands on the site today is a rebuild ordered by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany in the 1400s.

After acting as a residence, royal retreat, and even a prison, Doune castle has now established a new career. This historic building has made numerous on-screen cameos. The earliest appearance being in Monthy Python and the Holy Grail. Since then it has featured as Winterfell in Game of Thrones, and Castle Leoch in Outlander.

Braveheart & Whisky Tour / Stirling Castle
Braveheart & Whisky Tour / Stirling Castle

From Doune Castle, you will make the trip to the Trossachs National Park.

Right in the heart of Braveheart country, the dramatic glens and wooded landscapes of the Trossachs are something of unimaginable beauty. Here you’ll have the opportunity to stroll through the best of Scottish nature on the Trossachs Trail Loop. Also, take a moment to embrace the tranquillity of the picturesque Loch Lomond.

Your final stop on the Braveheart & Whisky Private Tour from Edinburgh celebrates a more recent aspect of Scottish culture and history: Deanston Distillery. Originally a cotton mill, the distillery has been producing high-quality Single Malt Scotch since 1974. Here you’ll learn the history of this globally supplied whisky, and even get the chance to try a bit for yourself! What better way to end this exciting and insightful day!

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