Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour
Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour
Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour
Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour

Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour

Indulge your inner Time Lord with the Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour. Re-live the Doctor’s adventures by visiting the sites and settings that have featured in the TV series throughout the years.

The buildings and streets of Cardiff have played an integral part in the universe of Doctor Who over the years. Since its return to our screens in 2005, the TV series and its spin-offs have used the Welsh capital for much of their filming. This comprehensive tour will guide you through all of the iconic filming locations, travelling between them in your own mini coach.

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    This is an independent, unofficial tour of public locations featured in the BBC’s Doctor Who television series. It is not connected with, or licensed or endorsed by, the BBC in any way, and does not include access to any official Doctor Who sets or props.

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Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour
Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour

As well representing Cardiff, many parts of the city have doubled up as other locations throughout the years too.

One of these is St. Mary’s Street in the city centre. This busy shopping street is used to recreate London more than once in the TV series. You might recognise its features from Christopher Eccleston’s first outing as the Ninth Doctor, in the episode Rose. It was also used in David Tennant’s debut as the Tenth Doctor, in The Christmas Invasion.

You will also get to visit the National Museum of Wales. A regular filming location, it has been used for many different settings on many different planets. It can be seen not only in the Doctor Who TV series but pops up in the spin-offs, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, too.

Aside from the city centre locations, you will also have the chance to explore Llandaff.

This small village has been vital to the Doctor Who story in more ways than one. Firstly, among its most notable citizens (along with author Roald Dahl and singer Charlotte Church) is Terry Nation. Born here in August 1930, Nation is credited as the man who created the Daleks. Without him, the Earth would probably be a much safer place, but the Doctor’s adventures definitely wouldn’t have been as exciting!

As far as filming is concerned, the picturesque quality of Llandaff has lent a hand a few times over the years. The Llandaff Cathedral has appeared in the show on multiple occasions. Diehard fans might recognise it as the venue of the Doctor’s wedding! (Not his marriage to Elizabeth I, but when his human persona John Smith married Joan Redfern.) The village was also used as Leadworth, the childhood home of Amy Pond.

Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour
Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour

And that’s not all! There are plenty more stops along the way. Bringing you through the seasons, right up to the locations from the most recent episodes! So there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the world of Doctor Who, and grab some fun pictures while you’re there!

Entertaining, informative, and safe from any Dalek, Zygon, or Spoonhead attack, the Doctor Who Cardiff Locations Bus Tour is a day out that’s not to be missed!

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