Downton Abbey Tour around London by Black Taxi

Be Lord or Lady Grantham for a few hours and let your registered tour guide drive you around London showing you the sites of the great city and the filming locations of Downton Abbey in London. Besides the film sites you will see how the rich would shop, relax, dine and live.

The Downton Abbey Tour around London by Black Taxi will show you a London as you have never seen it before. Follow the footsteps of the landed gentry and see the restaurants they would visit, the areas where they lived and the clubs they belonged to. See where Lady Grantham would shop for clothes and visit the shops where Lord Grantham would purchase clothing for the hunting weekends.

Stroll along the pathway where Lady Mary and Lady Rosamund walk and talk. See the building that became Buckingham Palace in the show, the registry office where Rose MacClare married Atticus Aldridge and the Grand Hotel Entrance as well as the Embassy Club and the Lotus Club.

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