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Have you ever wanted to become a cast member of “Friends?” Face it, we’ve all been there except now you’re officially in luck! We’re back at it again with an exciting virtual tour of your favorite show. Do you know the best part? It can all be done from the comfort of your couch at a time of your preference!

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The virtual tour is approximately 40 minutes long and features 18 locations from the acclaimed series. Not only will you visit the prominent Friends New York City apartment building located above Central Perk, but you’ll also pass by the Museum of Natural History, where Ross works as a paleontologist. Fans will swing by Bloomingdale’s where Rachel works as an assistant buyer, as well as Saks 5th Avenue where Joey develops a cologne spritzer rivalry with “The Hombre Man.”

In addition to the virtual tour, you will also receive a Friends box that will be shipped to your home address. The box contains several surprise items that are essential to the virtual tour, including a Central Perk mug and more. The virtual tour access code, which is needed in order to take the tour, will be in the box.

Also, once you purchase a ticket, you will receive exclusive admission to our virtual Friends trivia night, to continue the fun. So, order two pizzas (AKA the Joey Special), bake some of Phoebe’s famous Nestlé toll house cookies, and join us!

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