Jesuit Staircase / Walk of Shame stairs
Fort Bokar and Blackwater Bay
View of Dubrovnik / King's Landing
Dubrovnik / King's Landing City Walls
Dubrovnik West Pier / King's Landing Harbour
Dubrovnik / King's Landing City Walls
Pile Bay / Blackwater Bay

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Private Walking Tour

Embrace the atmosphere of King’s Landing on the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Private Walking Tour. Follow in the footsteps of your favourite characters as you stroll through the streets of the Westerosi capital.

Dubrovnik has been one of the key filming locations throughout the whole of Game of Thrones. Its old-world architecture makes it the perfect place to bring life to King’s Landing. And that’s not the only Game of Thrones setting that has used the Croatian city’s historic buildings. Many other scenes have also featured facades and backdrops provided by this exotic destination.

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Now you can see them up close, on the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Private Walking Tour.

This is the perfect opportunity to experience the bustling atmosphere of King’s Landing and recreate some of your favourite scenes. Lead by a licenced tour guide, you will visit all of the most iconic filming locations throughout the historic city.

Dubrovnik West Pier / King's Landing Harbour
Dubrovnik West Pier / King’s Landing Harbour

You’ll get to visit Fort Lovrjenac, the real-life stronghold that features in Game of Thrones as the Red Keep. Many important scenes have taken place here, such as King Joffrey’s Nameday Tournament. This is also where Tyrion slaps Joffrey, and where the Hound saves Sansa from the city riots.

Another location used for scenes in the Red Keep is Revelin Fortress. Looking out from this fortress you will be treated to dazzling vistas of the city’s harbours and the Adriatic Sea. You’ll also get a great view of Lokrum Island. This site featured as the magical city of Qarth.

But not all of Qarth is situated outside of the Dubrovnik City Walls. The Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Private Walking Tour will be sure to bring you to the Rector’s Palace within the city. This magnificent building doubled up as the mansion of the Spice King of Qarth.

Of course, one of the most famous Game of Thrones scenes takes place around Dubrovnik’s city centre.

At her lowest point and as punishment for her crimes, the High Sparrow forces Cersei to take a Walk of Shame through the city’s streets. You’ll get the opportunity to trace the path of her slow march. It starts at the Jesuit Staircase, the iconic stone steps leading up to the Great Sept of Baelor. From there you can travel along St Dominic Street and the Stradun, which also appeared in the scene.


Even Dubrovnik’s City Walls themselves have appeared on screen numerous times. Most notably during the Battle of the Blackwater, as the King’s Guard defended the city. Looking out from the walls you’ll see Blackwater Bay and the King’s Landing docks. Just outside of the walls is also the beach from which Myrcella leaves for Dorne, and where Cersei waits for her to arrive back.

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Free entrance to Fort Lovrijenac if you have a Dubrovnik card or City Walls ticket.

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