Game of Thrones Private Walking Tour of Dubrovnik

Discover the ultimate King’s Landing experience on the Game of Thrones Private Walking Tour of Dubrovnik. Explore the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

The city of Dubrovnik already looks like something out of a fantasy. With its ancient architecture, Meditteranean climate and spectacular views, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that it is a real-life paradise. It was because of its surreal aesthetic that Dubrovnik was the perfect choice to feature as King’s Landing, the ruling city of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Now you can see for yourself how Dubrovnik became the royal seat of Westeros.

The Game of Thrones Private Walking Tour of Dubrovnik takes you on an adventure through the streets of King’s Landing. Like the loyal knights of the King’s Guard, your guide is dedicated to serving your interests. They will make sure to show you every major filming location around the city, offering some insights into the scenes that took place there.

You will start by visiting the harbour that features throughout Game of Thrones as Blackwater Bay. This area was the centre point of one of the most dramatic, and explosive, battles in the TV series. As you gaze out upon the far-reaching sea, you can imagine Stannis Baratheon’s fleet approaching in order to wage war.

From here, you’ll climb the steps up to Fort Lovrijenac, on the outskirts of the city. This historic defensive structure featured as the Red Keep, where the Westerosi monarchs surveyed their city. As you’ll see, this is the perfect place to do just that. Perched high above the city, you will be treated to stunning views of sprawling Dubrovnik. You’ll also get to see Lokrum Island, which featured in Game of Thrones as the city of Qarth.

The Game of Thrones Private Walking Tour of Dubrovnik will also bring you through the city’s streets.

Many famous scenes played out along these bustling passageways. One of the most iconic is Cersei Lannister’s Walk of Shame from the Great Sept of Baelor. Your guide will be sure to show you the path she took, starting at the instantly recognisable Jesuit Staircase.

As an added bonus, as you wander through the city, your guide will also delve into some of Dubrovnik’s own real-life history. From its time as a major base of marine trade to its own period as a capital city. Many of the stories and events that took place here are just as exciting as those of Game of Thrones.

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Free entrance to Fort Lovrijenac if you have a Dubrovnik card or City Walls ticket.

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Locations (12)

3. Dubrovnik West Pier / King's Landing Harbour

Dubrovnik’s West Pier is nothing less than stunning, offering spectacular views from the real-life setting as well as providing eye-pleasing views when appearing on the big screen. For Game of Thrones enthusiasts, Dubrovnik West Pier represents the location which captures King’s Landing Harbour.

For viewers, Dubrovnik West Pier is best recognised as being the area where the unforgettable Battle of Blackwater Bay was caught on camera. A deleted scene which would have appeared in Season 3 also captured a moment when Tywin Lannister and Pycelle are sat on the edge of the dock fishing side by side.

Dubrovnik West Pier was further seen in Game of Thrones further along the bridge when Shae observed Sansa chatting to Blackfinger to offer her a way out of the troubles she’s encountering. This scene appeared during Season 3 episode one Valar Dohaeris.

4. Fort Lovrijenac / Red Keep

Fort Lovrijenac, (also called the Fort of St. Lawrence in English) is nestled in the area just West of Dubrovnik old town. The fort is often referred to as ”Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar” due to its location residing at the top of a cliff that’s 27 metres in height. The fort spans three levels, and It’s unique triangular shape exterior immediately stands out to tourists.

The incredibly famous castle represents the iconic Red Keep viewers will be familiar with, seen on several occasions during Game of Thrones. Although the King’s Landing location is seen multiple times across the series, one such episode that’ll resonate with fans is witnessing the tournament held on King Joffrey’s name day. Another memorable event where we see the Red Keep is in season 3 following the battle of Blackwater when Podrick, Bronn and Tyrion are spotted on the walls of the Red Keep.

Tourists can experience this iconic location where Cercei Lannister had multiple confrontations first-hand, or overlooking the fort from above at the restaurant Nautika.

5. Pile Gate / King’s Landing Entrance

Pile Gate is used as the main entry point to the old town of Dubrovnik, the complex has several doors, and Fort Bokar provided defences centuries ago. In the present day, the gates remain open to the general public. For Game of Thrones followers, Pile Gate is more recognisable as the spot which represented the entrance to King’s Landing.

Viewers will recall seeing Pile Gate as the King’s Landing Entrance during Season 3 Episode 10, which was when Jamie Lannister arrives at King’s Landing to visit his sister Cersei Lannister. Upon entering Pile Gate, the area opens up to reveal the place where the King’s landing riot was filmed, when King Joffrey gets fruit thrown at him by one of the angry crowd members during Season 2 Episode 6.

Following the path behind Pile Gate will lead entrants into Dubrovnik’s old town.

6. Fort Bokar / King's Landing City Walls

The walls of Fort Bokar surround the entire old town of Dubrovnik, and the fortress has been around since the 14th century. The reinforced stone walls are referred to as one of the middle ages most fortified constructions, having never been breached. Fort Bokar is recognisable for representing King’s Landing City Walls from Game of Thrones.

Fort Bokar can be seen when Tyrion and Lord Varys have a discussion surrounding the best approach to protect King’s landing as they gaze into the distant sea during season 2. In this same location during season seven, Cersei Lannister explains that she is planning to join forces with Euron Grayjoy to her brother Jamie.

Even Game of Thrones fans often walk by the walls of Fort Bokar, without realising the importance of them for their representation as the King’s Landing City Walls.

7. Dubrovnik Ethnographic Museum / Littlefinger’s Brothel

Dating back to the 16th century is the Dubrovnik Ethnographic Museum, and is located in an old granary. Dubrovnik kept the reserves of grain in silos which were created out of a unique stone known as Rupe. For Game of Thrones followers, the Dubrovnik Ethnographic Museum is known to represent Littlefinger’s Brothel in King’s landing.

Although Littlefinger has a range of brothel’s to his name, his King’s Landing brothel is first seen in Season one when Catelyn Stark is escorted after being captured by the City Watch. Following his knighting, Bronn celebrates at Littlefinger’s Brothel by purchasing the services of the prostitute Mirelle in season three.

Later on, in season five we discover the High Septon has secretly been a patron of Littlefinger’s Brothel, paying higher-priced prostitutes for their services such as them dressing up as one of the Seven.

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