Cathedral of Girona / Great Sept of Baelor
Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour
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Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour

Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour

Explore Spanish Westeros on the Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour. Discover the locations where Catalonia meets the Seven Kingdoms.

The Game of Thrones TV series has not only done a fantastic job of introducing the world to the fantasy land of Westeros. It has also helped to showcase some of the most picturesque destinations throughout our own planet too. From verdant woodland to ancient cities, the small-screen epic has featured many of earth’s most beautiful landscapes. One of which is Girona, one of the most stunning cities of Catalonia.

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Girona is packed full of iconic Game of Thrones filming locations.

Action, drama, and romance have all unfolded on the streets of this famous city. What’s more, Girona’s own history is just as exciting. Many of the real-life events that have played out in this area are just as, if not more, enthralling than those of Game of Thrones. And on the Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour, your guide will make sure to show you it all.

Cathedral of Girona / Great Sept of Baelor
Cathedral of Girona / Great Sept of Baelor

One of the stops on this tour that combines history and fantasy is the Cathedral.

Built in the 700s, this towering structure was originally used as a mosque for Muslim worship. It later became a Catholic cathedral and is one of the largest gothic churches in the world. Standing in the highest part of the city it towers over the surrounding area. Game of Thrones fans, however, should recognise the steps leading up to it as those of the Great Sept of Baelor. The High Sparrow forced Lady Margaery to perform a Walk of Shame down this staircase.

Another historic building that features in Game of Thrones is the Sant Pere de Galligants Monastery. The Romanesque structure was originally built in 992 and housed an order of Benedictine monks until the mid-1800s. It is only fitting then that it featured in the TV series as the Citadel Library. A place where maesters took up a life of solitude, dedicating themselves to learning and helping others.

Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour
Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour

Girona’s Jewish Quarter also features heavily throughout Game of Thrones.

Being one of the best-preserved in Europe, it made for a perfect place to create the backdrop of Braavos. A lot of Arya Stark’s character development took place on the streets of this area. And the Girona Old Town and Game of Thrones Tour will make sure to help you retrace her footsteps.

Girona’s Arabic Baths also featured in scenes set in Braavos. And as well as stopping here, this tour will also bring you to Sant Feliu Church, and Girona’s City Walls, where you will be treated to spectacular panoramic views.

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For your comfort, a radio guide system is offered during the tour, in groups of more than 5 people.
Please be aware that the tour includes three hours of walking, we kindly advise you to use comfortable clothes and shoes and be ready for some walking.

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