Harry Potter Countryside Tour by Black Taxi

Sit back, grab your wand and off we go on this wonderful fun filled family day out. On the Harry Potter Countryside Tour by Black Taxi we will visit Lacock, Oxford and London and take a river cruise on the Thames.

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You wizarding day starts with your guide meeting you at your hotel. As you travel through London we may well stop at a couple of Harry Potter filming locations for a quick photo before heading out into the countryside.

Our first stop is the wonderful village of Lacock. This picturesque village has been the setting for many films, including the Harry Potter series. We will wander the streets and your guide will explain all there is to know about the village, the different films made there and of course Harry Potter. We also have a few secret stories to tell you and secret places to show you.

During our tour we will see Professor Slughorns House (exterior), Harry’s parents house in Godric’s Hollow. We will of course wander the corridors of Hogwarts and stand in Professor Snapes classroom. There are many more scenes to show you but we want to save some surprises for you. All we will say is that you will not be disappointed.

Leaving Lacock we travel cross-country and arrive in Oxford (the city of dreaming spires). Here we explore the colleges that became film location sites. Once again we do not want to spoil everything for you but we will give you a taster. We will sit in the Music Room as did the students waiting to learn to dance for the Yule Ball, see the hospital, the tree Malfoy falls from and an enormous amount more, we promise.

Leaving Oxford mid-afternoon we return to London. Back in London it off to see the major Harry Potter locations like Diagon Alley, the Knight Bus bridge, the Ministry of Magic, the Death Eaters bridge, plus a lot more.

Not content to end there we will give your family a present when we leave you of a free 24-hour hop-on hop-off River Thames Cruise ticket. This will allow you to follow Harry’s broomstick flight along the River Thames.

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