Harry Potter – The Original Black Taxi London Tour

Step inside the world of Harry Potter on this tour. We have been taking people on our Harry Potter filming location tour since 2002, when there was just a couple of sites to be seen. Now we have over 20 scenes from the film series to show you on this fabulous tour.

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Visit Gringotts Bank (exterior only), walk over the Knight Bus bridge and discover the avenue to the Leaky Cauldron (film 1). Stand at the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron from film 3, have a photo outside Third Hand Book Emporium and walk on the bridge which is destroyed by Death Eaters in film 6.

Follow Harry’s complete broomstick flight (film 5) along the River Thames. See Grimmauld Place (yes it does exist if you know where to look, no moving houses though) and where Harry actually disappears at Kings Cross Station.

Then it’s off to get a picture under the sign 9¾ and see where Harry and Ron steal the flying car from. Take a photo inside the train station used for exiting to the Ministry of Magic, then walk the footsteps of Harry and Mr Weasley to the Ministry of Magic and see where Ron spies on the ministry.

Your expert Harry Potter guide will take you to all of these sites and more. On route there is time to ask many questions regarding the films, there is even a small quiz to keep you on your toes. As if this was not enough we have added some secret places, items and surprises that you will love.

This is a fun tour for all the family with over 20 scenes from the Harry Potter film series.

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