Lord of the Rings Half-Day Locations from Wellington

Join us on the Lord of the Rings Half-Day Locations from Wellington as we take you out of the city to experience some of the most picturesque locations, featuring memorable scenes from the Lord of the Rings.

The half-day tour is led by an expert guide with extensive Lord of the Rings knowledge, and you will enjoy a personal experience with tours operating with smaller groups. Rivendell, the Gardens of Isengard, the Great River Anduin and Amon Hen are some of the filming locations that the Wellington region has to offer.

A minimum of 2 persons are required for this tour to run.

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The Lord of the Rings Half-Day Locations from Wellington tour begins once you get collected from your hotel. You will then start your journey out of the city and into Middle-Earth, to experience some beautiful and natural filming locations featured in the movies. The places you will visit no longer have any of the original sets from the films, however

The first stop of the tour will be a visit to the Hutt River, which is the filming location of the Great River Anduin. Scenes featuring the fellowship were captured here after they departed Lothlorien to travel to Amon Hen. After exploring this area, you will visit the well-known location depicting the Gardens of Isengard in The Lord of the Rings.

After you finish exploring the iconic Gardens of Isengard, you will depart and make your way along Highway 2 to experience the filming location of Rivendell. Rivendell is a beautiful rainforest nestled in New Zealand’s Kaitoke Regional Park. While you are here, you will roam the same paths that Elrond and Arwen travelled along as well as the newly formed Fellowship of the Ring in the movies. At this point of the Lord of the Rings Half-Day Locations from Wellington tour, you might like to rest while enjoying a delightful morning/afternoon tea.

Once you are ready, you will depart the Lord of the Rings Half-Day Locations from Wellington tour and head back to your hotel accommodation in the city. Along the way, you will get a fantastic viewpoint of Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith as you pass by the quarry where the world-famous filming locations are situated.

You will travel back up Mt Victoria for one last stop to explore the Outer shire which featured iconic scenes from The Hobbit movies. See familiar scenes such as the Race to the Buckleberry ferry, Get off the road and Shortcut to Mushrooms. Get excellent views of the Dunharrow Encampment where Aragorn and Theoden looked down on their troops.

At this point, the tour draws to a close at the astonishing Mt Victoria Lookout. You will experience some of the most stunning viewpoints of the Wellington film industry and the Wellington City region.

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