Lord of the Rings – One Day in Middle-earth Tour

Explore the picturesque locations of Queenstown, Glenorchy, and Arrowtown on the Lord of the Rings – One Day in Middle-earth Tour and discover where Gladden Fields, Ford of Bruinen, Pillars of the Kings, Isengard, Amon Hen, Lothlorien Forest, and Ithilien were filmed.

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Kawarau River / Pillars of the Kings
Kawarau River / Anduin River, Argonath – Pillars of the Kings

Experience Middle-Earth in its true form, encountering the entire collection of locations featured in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  You can be assured that you’ll be getting a personally guided experience while visiting the family-run business as smaller groups are encouraged to make the most of the tour. To round off your experience you’ll also get a scrumptious picnic included with the price.

Lord of the Rings – 1-Day Middle-earth Tour – access all areas

There’s a lot of locations to cover on the tour, so venturing to Middle-Earth in the morning will be essential. You’ll see the fantastic view of Bennetts Bluff before heading to Queenstown where the Monument of Arganoth will be visible immediately. Explore the area of the Gladden fields marshlands, as well as exploring the locations that featured scenes from the Ford of Bruinen.

In the afternoon you’ll visit a location featured in The Hobbit in addition to Isengard, featuring important scenes from the movies. Explore Amon Hen, along with the filming location for the Lothlorien Forest. You will also have a great viewpoint of The Misty Mountains and the 12 Mile Delta where Ithilien was set.

The latter part of the Lord of the Rings – 1-Day Middle-earth Tour will include a visit to the Mt Aspiring World Heritage Park, home to New Zealand’s third-largest national park. Here you’ll encounter a wealth of interesting wildlife and picture-perfect scenes, providing some fantastic photo opportunities.

Your guide will be on-hand to deliver some exciting facts and easter Eggs surrounding the filming locations you visit.

Twelve Mile Delta / Ithilien: Small Group
Twelve Mile Delta / Ithilien: Small Group with Amon Hen in the Background

Tour Highlights

Take in the diverse landscape of an ancient beech forest, braided rivers and glacier-carved valleys.
Explore the unique flora and fauna and get up close to animals and birdlife.
Explore Gladden Fields, Ford of Bruinen and Argonath, Isengard, Amon Hen, Lothlorien Forest, the Misty Mountains and Ithilien in one day
View “Top Secret” items from the movies
Entertaining and Knowledgeable guides. Your guide will help you relive the action for your camera
Travel in small groups for a personal and interactive experience
Exclusive souvenir package with 3 items
Handle and photograph NZ$ 15000 worth of weapon and costumes
Weapons include: Anduril, Hadhafang, Sting, Gimli’s Axe, Herugrim, Aragorn’s Hunting Knife, The White Knives, Eowyn’s Sword, Boromir’s Sword and Narsil

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