Outlander: Blackness Castle / Fort William
Outlander: Doune Castle / Castle Leoch
Linlithgow Palace / Wentworth Prison

Outlander Classic 1-Day Tour

Explore the world of Clare and Jamie Fraser on the Outlander Classic 1-Day Tour. See the real historic sites that bring the adventure to life on screen.

With an abundance of medieval castles, stately homes, and ancient sites of worship, Scotland is full of interesting history. Combined with its picturesque landscapes and rolling glens, it is no wonder that this beautiful country hosts the romance and adventure of Outlander. Now you get the chance to explore this great land yourself and relive your favourite scenes from the TV series.

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On the Outlander Classic 1-Day Tour, you’ll get to visit the most iconic filming locations.

First on the list is Castle Leoch. This is a well-known fortress from the TV series and is the home of Colum MacKenzie and his family. The real-life structure is Doune Castle, built early in the 15th century. Before it housed Clan MacKenzie, it was the residence of the Regent Albany. Outlander isn’t the castle’s only on-screen claim to fame either. You can also spot its great walls in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Outlander: Midhope Castle / Lallybroch Castle
Outlander: Midhope Castle / Lallybroch Castle

Next, you’ll make your way to Blackness Castle in the Lothians. This enormous structure was built to a maritime-inspired design. As a result, locals know the castle as ‘the ship that never sailed’. For the purposes of Outlander, its imposing facade made Blackness Castle the perfect location to feature as Fort William. But while the site is connected with many hardships endured by your favourite characters, it also offers some beauty. Walking along its walls you will be treated to awe-inspiring views of Firth of Forth.

Another castle that features on this tour is Midhope.

This 16th-century tower house features as Lallybroch, Jamie Fraser’s family home. The real-life building is situated on the grounds of the Hopetoun estate. Hopetoun House itself also features throughout the TV series. Exterior shots of the elaborately-built home represent the residence of the Duke of Sandringham. While some of the rooms inside the house featured in scenes set in Paris.

Outlander: Culross / Cranesmuir
Outlander: Culross / Cranesmuir

From here, you will travel to the village of Culross. Featuring in films such as Captain America: The First Avenger and The Little Vampire, it plays an important role in Outlander. The Outlander production crew transformed it into Cranesmuir. Strolling along its streets, you’ll be sure to see some familiar buildings. You’ll even spot the herb garden where Clare worked.

The final stop on this tour is Linlithgow Palace. In real life, this is the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. However, in Outlander this royal palace features as the dreaded Wentworth Prison. Here we see Jamie Fraser at one of his lowest points, as he is imprisoned and sentenced to death.

The Outlander Classic 1-Day Tour offers an 8-hour trip throughout historic Scotland. It is a fun and jam-packed adventure that is the perfect day out for any Outlander fan!

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Tours run with a summer (Mar – Sep) and winter (Oct – Feb) itinerary.
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Hopetoun House is only available from April-September.
Midhope Castle may close for pheasant shooting.
Itineraries may also change at short notice due to local events.

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