10 Downing Street | Tourope

Being one of the most important political buildings in the world, Number 10 Downing Street continuously hosts the British prime minister since 1735. The main decisions affecting Britain’s destiny in the last 275 years have been taken behind its iconic black door.

Observant The Crown-viewers will remember that the Queen honoured No 10 Downing Street twice. The first time was on the eve of Churchill’s resignation in April 1955 and the second time was prime minister Wilson’s farewell dinner in 1976, 21 years later.

One memorable scene related to Downing Street No 10 was how Venetia, Churchill’s new secretary got soaked by Churchill’s bathwater as she was trying to read the official notes to him through a bathroom door in season 1, episode 2.

Today it’s not possible to enter Downing Street as a tourist.

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