Binevenagh Mountain / Dothraki Grasslands

Binevenagh Mountain provides the setting for the Dothraki Grasslands in Game of Thrones. First appearing in Season 5, this is just one of the many spectacular landscapes of Northern Ireland that appear on the TV series.

Fleeing from the Sons of the Harpy, Daenerys Targaryen flies to this mountaintop on the back of her faithful dragon Drogo. Unfortunately, she ends up leaping from the frying pan into the fire. Having just escaped the troubles in Mereen, she meets Khal Moro’s khalasar and is captured.

Molten lava accumulated to form Binevanagh Mountain around 60 million years ago. As a result, it now looms over the county of Derry/Londonderry, and forms part of the Antrim Plateau. The plateau extends nearly 10 kilometres across the Magilligan peninsula. The mountain’s steep rockfaces dominate the skylines of the surrounding villages. Because of these features, this sprawling, rugged landscape made the perfect location to film the Dothraki Grasslands.

The rocky, natural setting draws in many sports enthusiasts. For example, the mountain attracts hillwalkers and climbers throughout the year. Its steep cliffs also make it the perfect location for hang gliding. Soaring through the air, you’ll experience breathtaking aerial views of Northern Ireland’s coastline. And, for those looking for something less dangerous, an artificial lake on the mountaintop is a great place for trout fishing.

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