Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle started life as a Roman Fort, evidence of which is still visible today. Indeed the city of Cardiff gets its name from the old Roman fort, as Cardiff or the Welsh version Caerdydd translates into English as “Fort on the river Taff”.

Developed by the Normans, the castle has seen many changes and was once used as a royal prison. Developed further by various English marcher Lords, the castle fell into ruin in the 16th century. Taken over by the Marquis’ of Bute in the 17th Century, it wasn’t until the 3rd Marquis that the current version of Cardiff Castle came into being.

Described as a victorian escapist dream, it is a stunning location for film and TV crews and has been seen countless times in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Your guide will show you around the castle, including its most interesting historical features and the locations used for filming Doctor Who.

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