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Your journey starts with Christ Church – the grand stairway up to Hogwarts is where Harry, Ron, Hermione and other first years walked up and met Professor McGonagall under the stunning Gothic roof. Here too, at the end of the film, the three are reunited.

An inspiration for Hogwarts Dining Hall for all of the Harry Potter films has been one of Oxford’s most famous rooms. From photographs in the Tudor Great Hall, a studio set has been created and used to make the movies.

Christ Church Dining Hall / Hogwarts Great Hall
Christ Church Dining Hall / Hogwarts Great Hall

Did you know that all moving portraits were from producers that were working on the films to immortalise them in Harry Potter films? The starting point of this idea is simply because of the portraits in the Great Hall.

Next venue in Christ Church is the Stairway. You will remember this spot in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In the Ford Anglia, Harry and Ron fly to Hogwarts, take these stairs and face Argus Filch. It is also the place used for Harry and Tom Riddle’s first meeting.

The last venue in Christ Church is the Cloisters. You remember that Hermione shows Harry the trophy won by his dad in Quidditch as the seeker? The scene was shot outside the bookshop.

Christ Church is one of the famous colleges in Oxford. The School of British Prime Ministers of all times was founded by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal and statesman of Henry VIII. The Chapel of the College is doubled as the Cathedral of the city.

Christ Church has a number of architecturally significant buildings including Tom Tower (proudly designed by Sir Christopher Wren – an Oxford professor, architect, inventor, astronomer and physicist), Tom Quad (the largest quadrangle in Oxford) and the Great Dining Hall, which was also the seat of the parliament assembled by King Charles I during the English Civil War.

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