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Apparently, the timeline of The Crown starts right after the post-WWII period, however, this doesn’t mean that Cabinet War Rooms can be skipped. No. This place played a great role in the destiny of a nation in combination with the political skills and abilities of wise Winston Churchill during WWII era.

This enlightened teacher would be a leading light for the young Queen as this was perfectly depicted in the series. In fact, Churchill’s model role can indisputably be seen and assumed while watching this Netflix show.

The Churchill War Rooms is a historic underground complex and museum that housed a British government command centre throughout the Second World War, and the Churchill Museum, a biographical museum exploring the life of British statesman Winston Churchill.

Here you will have the chance to discover the secrets hidden beneath the streets of Westminster in the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War.

Construction of the Cabinet War Rooms became fully functional on 27 August 1939, just a week before Britain declared war on Germany. The War Rooms remained in operation throughout the Second World War, before being abandoned in August 1945 after the surrender of Japan. After the war, the historic value of the Cabinet War Rooms was recognised.

Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting this WWII shrine once very limited numbers of the public were able to visit by appointment. Get up close to artefacts revealing Churchill’s personal and political journey by our qualified blue badge tourist guides. Churchill Museum simply uncovers the influences and pressures that shaped his life, leadership and legacy.

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