Guildford Cathedral

The local news sites SurreyLive and The Guildford Dragon both reported filming for The Sandman at Guildford Cathedral in February 2021. They also included photos of the Cathedral surrounded by security guards, trucks, cranes and lighting equipment. And the site was closed to the public for over two weeks without disclosing further details.

There can be no doubt that a big-budget production visited the Guildford Cathedral in February, but was it related to the filming of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed comic books? Social media users were pretty confident that Netflix’s The Sandman was filmed in Guildford, although there’s been no official confirmation from the production companies or Guildford Cathedral (as usual…). However, locals working on the set hinted at The Sandman being filmed at the Cathedral.

The south windows where blacked out and the lighting equipment placed outside the cathedral were probably used to create effects for internal scenes.

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