Lancaster House | Tourope

Without doubt, Buckingham Palace is the most memorable landmark in the Crown TV series, however, all scenes related to this magnificent Royal residence were actually filmed in Lancaster House which is one of the most important architectural palaces in London that can be compared with Buckingham Palace.

Now you can close your eyes in a minute and think of those moments but one episode that touches all hearts is the “Bubbikins” Season 3, Episode 4 mainly related to Buckingham Palace where the Duke of Edinburgh’s caring mother Princess Alice of Greece is invited to Buckingham Palace. An unforgettable quote from Episode 4 is Queen Elizabeth’s lovely words: I’m ‘Darling’ or ‘Cabbage’. ‘Sweetie’ is someone else.

You may also imagine the stairs where Apollo 11’s astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were dashing up and down the stairs in Season 3, Episode 7 that’s Moondust. Well, we have a goof here in this Episode. Wonder what? Just follow us, please.

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