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Our coronation church Westminster Abbey is not only the most important key landmark in the Crown series but also in British history. The most notable scene related to Westminster Abbey is in Season 1 Episode 1, while Churchill’s walking through the nave for the wedding ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II and the consort the Duke of Edinburgh and of course, the immaculate Queen Elizabeth’s coronation scenes in Season 1, Episode 5 were all remarkable.

Now that you will be in front of this holy shrine, you need to have some historical information about Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is a burial ground, coronation site and much more, and continues to attract visitors over 900 years after its founding.

In many respects the architecture is common. There’s the traditional cross-shaped floor plan with a nave, north and south transepts and several round side areas. But both its execution and use raise The Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster (the official name) to among the highest examples of church construction.

Here at Westminster Abbey lie buried kings and poets, scientists and philosophers who have themselves raised humankind to the highest levels. Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell (discoverer of electromagnetic theory, which later led to radio and TV), Chaucer and Kipling, Dr Samuel Johnson (creator of the first English dictionary) and many other justly famous names are interred here.

Princess Diana’s funeral was held in Westminster Abbey in 1997 and the wedding of Kate & Will took place in 2011. Our professional guides will share all-important knowledge with you today.

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