Jack the Ripper-Taxitour durch London

Entdecken Sie die dunklere Seite der englischen Hauptstadt mit der Jack the Ripper-Taxitour durch London. Erfahren Sie alles über die Rätzel und die Morde von Jach the Ripper auf dieser privaten Taxitour durch das Londoner East End.

Das viktorianische London war ein ganz anderer Ort als heute. Um dunkle Ecken lauerten alle Arten von Gefahren. Und von allen Verbrechern und Angreifern ist Jack the Ripper als der berühmteste und berüchtigtste in die Geschichte eingegangen. Entdecken Sie mithilfe Ihres Expertenführers die Orte, die mit diesem makabren Figur und seine Verbrechen verbunden sind. Vielleicht lösen Sie sogar einige Rätsel auf dem Weg!

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Tour details

Full description

Jack the Ripper London Taxi Tour
Jack the Ripper London Taxi Tour

Whitechapel, in East London, is full of sites and settings related to Jack the Ripper

Your private black taxi will make sure to bring you down all of the streets where a Ripper victim was found. Along Mitre Street you will see where Catherine Eddowes‘ body was found. The second of two Ripper killings that night, Eddowes had been last seen leaving a local police station after being detained for public drunkenness. On nearby Goulston Street, police also found a bloodied piece of her apron.

By White’s Row, your guide will show you where Mary Jane Kelly was viciously murdered in her bed. The youngest of the Ripper victims, Kelly’s murder doesn’t share the same characteristics as those of the other victims. For this reason, many researchers and enthusiasts debate whether or not a different killer is responsible for her death.

Annie Chapman’s body was found in a back yard off of Hanbury Street. Her body was found severely, yet precisely mutilated. This led investigators to believe that Ripper had anatomical knowledge, and could either be a trained surgeon or butcher.

The first known Ripper victim was found on Durward Street. Mary Ann Nichols‘ murder puzzled the doctor that attended the scene. He thought it odd that though her throat was sliced and body mutilated, there was very little blood on the scene.

Finally, nearby Henriques Street is the site where Elizabeth Stride’s body was found. Left with blood still flowing from her neck, many believe that Jack was interrupted and had to flee the scene.

Jack the Ripper London Taxi Tour
Jack the Ripper London Taxi Tour

Along the way, your driver will give you the full backstories of all of the victims

Each had similar characteristics that show that Ripper was on the lookout for a certain type of victim. They’ll also bring you through the investigation and suspects, leaving you to come to your own conclusions as to who did it.

But while this tour is a look into the Ripper mystery, it is also a celebration of Victorian London. Your guide will help to set the scene by showing you parts of the city that are unchanged since 1888. These include the oldest bell foundry in the world, Spitafields Market and Norton Folgate.

The Jack the Ripper-Taxitour durch London is a unique experience that shines a light on the darker parts of London’s East End.

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