Bustour zu James Bond-Drehorten in London (inoffiziell)

Sehen Sie London mit den Augen eines Spions auf der Bustour zu James Bond-Drehorten in London (inoffiziell). Fahren Sie mit dem Bus durch die geschäftige Stadt und finden Sie die nicht ganz geheimen Orte, die mit dem weltweit beliebtesten MI6-Agenten verbunden sind!

Lehnen Sie sich zurück und entspannen Sie sich, während Ihr erfahrener Reiseleiter Sie zu wichtigen Orten im Leben von James Bond und seinem Schöpfer Ian Fleming führt. Ihr Guide hat vielleicht keine Lizenz zum Töten, aber er wird Ihnen sicherlich ein oder zwei Dinge über Spionage in dieser Stadt beibringen können, sowohl fiktiv als auch real.

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  • Erfahren Sie, was den Bond-Autor Ian Fleming in London inspiriert hat
  • Versuchen Sie, einen echten Spion im MI6-Hauptquartier zu finden
  • Stellen Sie sich an die Stelle, an der die Verkehrspolizisten in Die Welt ist nicht genug bespritzt wurden
  • Sehen Sie den St. Petersburg Square, den James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) in Goldeneye besucht
  • Fahren Sie an den Geheimbüros des James Bond Hauptquartiers in London vorbei
  • Besuchen Sie Drehorte aus den neuesten Bond-Filmen Skyfall, Spectre und Keine Zeit zu sterben

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James Bond London Tour / Q Boat Scene
James Bond London Tour / Q Boat Scene

Explore the locations that inspired the birth of 007, and brought his adventures to life.

Ian Fleming was a London native, and the city is full of landmarks that played a part in his life before and after Bond. See the Mayfair townhouse on 27 Green Street, where Fleming was born on the 28th of May 1908. And 16 Victoria Square, where he moved to in 1953, the same year that he published ‚Casino Royale‘, giving birth to James Bond and a new British icon. Fleming wrote all of the subsequent books here too, and lived here until his death in 1964.

There’s also the Duke’s Hotel, one of Fleming’s favourite pubs. Rumour has it that he was enjoying a drink here when he coined the iconic phrase „shaken, not stirred“. This bar also holds more significance in the James Bond story. Both Sean Connery and Pierse Brosnan are said to have celebrated landing the role of 007 in this very spot. Their tipple of choice to toast the achievement? Why, a martini, of course!

There are many London landmarks that have appeared in the James Bond movies over the years too.

Some are even used to represent other parts of the world. For example, you’ll get to see the large neoclassical building Somerset House. In Tomorrow Never Dies, this historic location is used as the London War Office. However, in Goldeneye, the building’s courtyard is used for a fight scene set in St. Petersburg, Russia.

James Bond London Tour / Spectre Crash Scene
James Bond London Tour / Spectre Crash Scene

And there are many other iconic filming locations throughout the city too! Like Vauxhall Cross, used in numerous movie to represent MI6 HQ (that is until it was blown up in Skyfall). There’s also the Old War Office in Whitehall, where 007 meets with M in Octopussy.

London is engrained in the creation and adventures of James Bond. From the character’s first appearance it has been his base of operations and the setting of some of his greatest victories. The James Bond London Locations Bus Tour allows you to explore his life in this city. And it offers insight into how the streets and buildings shaped the spy that is still beloved throughout the world today.

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