Sopranos Drehorttour

Möchten Sie einen direkten Einblick in die Machenschaften der Sopranos erhalten? Dann kommen Sie mit uns auf der Sopranos Drehorttour von New York City in die Vororte von Jersey, wo Tony Soprano und seine Mafia-Freunde ihre Tage und Nächte verbringen.

Die Reiseleiter sind Schauspieler, die als Statisten in der Show aufgetreten sind und wenig bekannte Fakten und Informationen hinter den Kulissen teilen. Diese einzigartige Tour ist ein Muss für jeden Sopranos-Fan und Sie werden alles bequem von einem überdachten Bus mit Klimaanlage im Sommer und Heizung im Winter sehen.

Diese Tour ist eine großartige Idee für Junggesellenabschiede in New York oder New Jersey und für alle Fans der Sopranos. Vielleicht möchten Sie die Tour sogar mit einem Abendessen in Little Italy kombinieren.

Buchungen für diese Tour werden nicht erstattet und können nicht storniert oder verschoben werden.

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  • Besuchen Sie Bada Bing, um zu sehen, wo Tony und die Jungs rumhängen
  • Schauen Sie sich Barone Sanitation an, Tonys legitimes Geschäft
  • Setzen Sie sich auf die Stufen des Restaurants, in dem Chris erschossen wird
  • Siehe Pizzaland, The Muffler Man und andere Orte aus dem Vorspann
  • Besuchen Sie die Stelle, an der Big Pussy mit dem FBI spricht
  • Halten Sie in der Pfarrei von Pater Phil an
  • Setzen Sie sich an den Restaurant-Tisch, in dem Tony in der letzten Szene der Serie saß

Tour details

Full description

From Manhattan to “Sopranoland”

The Sopranos Drehorttour is based on the popular television show created by David Chase for HBO. The Sopranos stars James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, a New Jersey mafia boss. The television show’s many successful seasons revolve around Tony Sopranos difficulties as he tries to balance his family life and running his criminal organization.

The show gave a bird’s eye view into mob life and allowed viewers to see the inner workings of this New Jersey crime family. Season 1 and half of Season 2 were focused on Tony’s relationship with his mother Livia, played by Nancy Marchand.

Ms. Marchand passed away halfway through Season 2’s filming, which was eventually written into the story line. From that point on, Tony’s wife, Carmella (played by Edie Falco), his daughter Meadow (played by Jamie Lynn Siegler), along with his son AJ (played by Robert Iler) vie for Tony’s attention in between the dirty deals and beat downs that take place on a daily basis in this mob boss’ life.

The tour begins in New York and starts out with sites from the opening credits, including the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel and the famous Manhattan skyline. As you arrive in Jersey, you’ll see more sites from the credits like The Muffler Man, Pizza Land, the Valley Landscape silo, a featured Tudor house, a building in the center of the Meadowlands that Tony often passes, and the ramp to the Pulaski Skyway seen at the end of every episode.

Skyway Diner
Skyway Diner

The tour then hits some of the most recognizable places from The Sopranos: Barone Sanitation (Tony’s business), the Skyway Diner (where Christopher gets shot), Big Pussy’s auto body shop, and Satin Dolls, also known as the Bada Bing.

The tour visits major sites that were used in filming the show such as Cozzarelli’s, Party Box (now unoccupied) and Car Wash, Searchlight Diner and St. Cecila’s Church, all of which were locations for majors scenes in the show.

Get off the bus for a fun stop at Holsten’s (where the final scene of the last episode was shot) and enjoy complimentary onion rings just as you see Tony and his family indulging in in that final scene. Sit in “Tony’s” booth with your family for a nostalgic photo to share with friends.

Another major location for the television show, Satriale’s Pork Store, was a fictional establishment that was housed in an empty warehouse next to the Irish American Club in Kearny. The set was dismantled after the filming of the series concluded, and the building was torn down to make way for condominiums, which never happened!

More Sopranos filming locations include the back of Big Pussy’s house, the batting cages used by Pussy, AJ and Kevin, the Gold Driving Range where Tony takes his first Prozac, the marina where the Season 5 poster was photographed, Harrison High School where AJ vandalizes the pool, Seabra’s Rodizo, used as the Searchlight Diner where Pussy turns FBI informant, the statue of Christopher Columbus where the Sopranos get into a fight with the Native Americans, St. Cecilia’s (Carmela’s church), the funeral home used for Carmine’s wake, the Nuovo Vesuvio; and many, many more.

You Gotta Eat…

Holsten’s Diner
Holsten’s Diner

During the tour, you’ll get the chance to eat at Holsten’s Diner. If you’d rather venture on your own after the tour, why not grab a bite to eat in the great Manhattan neighborhood of Little Italy, where the Soprano family often spent time on the show.

Just follow the red, white, and green parking meters along Mulberry Street (between Grand and Canal streets) and you will find more Italian eateries than you could ever hope to visit in a single trip, like Amici II, Café Roma, Casa Bella, Lombardi’s, Fratelli, Caffe Sorrento, Il Palazzo and more.

In the late 1800’s an influx of Italian immigrants created a Little Italy that wasn’t so little. Now, it is a bit smaller, with only a few thousand Italian-Americans calling Little Italy their home. However, the neighborhood has never lost its charm.

Stop by Umberto’s Clam House, or Il Cortile to have a delicious lunch or dinner. Try La Mela for family style Italian or Grotta Azzura for upscale Italian. Skip dessert and grab some great cannoli over at Ferrara Bakery and Café. Or enjoy a glass of wine and tiramisu at one of the many outdoor cafés.

* In an effort to stay current, we are constantly updating our tours with new locations and cannot guarantee the presence of locations mentioned on our site. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please let your tour guide know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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