Giant’s Causeway | Stones & Thrones

The Game of Thrones Itinerary is a great way to discover some key filming locations of the show along the stunning Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. Plotting a path through the scenic splendor of the Seven Kingdoms, it takes you to where so many of the pivotal scenes were shot.

The Game of Thrones itinerary not only brings to life the drama of the series, but also provides a front row seat at locations steeped in local myth and legend, where ancient warriors walked long before leading men. Thus, no tour would be complete without a stop at the Giant’s Causeway!

For centuries countless visitors have marveled at the majesty and mystery of the Giants Causeway. At the heart of one of Europe’s most magnificent coastlines, its unique rock formation have for millions of years stood as a natural rampart against the unbridled ferocity of Atlantic storms.

The distinct rugged symmetry of the columns never fails to intrigue and inspire our visitors. To stroll on the Giants Causeway is to voyage back in time. The Stones & Thrones tour is the only tour that offers the opportunity to maximize your visit to both the Giant’s Causeway and see as much of the Antrim Coastline as possible in a single day.

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