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Doctor Who London Locations Walking Tour

Discover London’s sci-fi secrets with the Doctor Who London Locations Walking Tour. Follow in the footsteps of the Doctors, past and future, and uncover their countless adventures throughout England’s capital city.

This tour gives you the opportunity to see, close-up, the locations and settings that have been integral to the Time Lord’s stories over the years. It also allows you to explore the hustle and bustle of this amazing city at a relaxed and easy pace.

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Cybermen on the Steps of St Paul's Cathedral
Cybermen on the Steps of St Paul’s Cathedral

The Doctor Who London Locations Walking Tour takes in the most iconic locations from throughout the TV series.

One of the stops on this tour will be St. Paul’s Cathedral, which has been a hub of Cybermen activity for many years. It first featured in the episode The Invasion in the late 60s, when the Cybermen tried to take over London. One of the iconic scenes from this episode sees the robotic aliens march slowly down the cathedral steps. This shot was recreated in the 2014 episodes Dark Water and Death in Heaven when a hoard of Cybermen emerged from a tomb inside St. Paul’s itself.

You’ll also visit The Shard. (It’s London’s tallest building after all, so it’s pretty hard to miss!) This skyscraper played a pivotal role in the episode The Bells of St John. It was from here that The Great Intelligence controlled the Spoonheads. The Doctor also drove up the side of it on an anti-gravity motorbike.

Staying with the taller parts of London’s skyline, this tour will also visit the London Eye. It featured in Christopher Eccleston’s first adventure as the Doctor. This giant Ferris wheel made the perfect transmitter for the Nestene Consciousness, the hive mind that tried to take over London.

And that’s not all. You’ll get to see Westminster Bridge, where the Daleks invaded Earth during the reign of the First Doctor, back in 1964. There’s also the Globe Theatre, where the Doctor and Martha Jones met William Shakespeare. And, to make sure you keep your Doctor Who knowledge sharp, your guide will quiz you with fun trivia questions as you go.

Rose and Mickey at Trafalgar Square
Rose and Mickey at Trafalgar Square

The Doctor Who London Locations Walking Tour combines an adventure through one of the world’s most famous cities with the very best in Whovian sightseeing. It is a unique and fun experience that all humans and Time Lords can enjoy!

This tour includes short bus journeys throughout the city. All patrons are required to bring a valid Travelcard or Oyster card. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Tour details

  • Meeting Point

    Outside London Bridge Station, next to the sign for the Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard,
    31 Saint Thomas Street, London SE1 9QU

  • Tour departs

    Sundays at 10:30hrs (Jan – Dec)
    Thursdays at 10:30hrs (Apr – Sep)
    Fridays at 10:30hrs (Jul – Aug)

  • Tour returns

    Westminster Station
    Westminster, London SW1A 2JR

  • Duration (approx)

  • Where

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  • Exclusions

    Zone 1 Travelcard or Oyster Card (single journey)

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  • Trademarks

    Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures (and related titles and characters) are trade marks of the BBC. All rights reserved by the BBC.

  • Disclaimer

    This is an independent, unofficial tour of public locations featured in the BBC’s Doctor Who television series. It is not connected with, or licensed or endorsed by, the BBC in any way, and does not include access to any official Doctor Who sets or props.

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