Hobbiton Movie Set Private Tour from Auckland

Go on an adventure to the depths of Middle-Earth in luxury and style with the Hobbiton Movie Set Private Tour from Auckland. Experience scenes that were seen in the Lords of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies as you embark on The Hobbiton movie set in a private Mercedes.

You’ll explore South-East Auckland by heading to the picture-perfect location of Waikato where you will experience the Hobbiton movie set. Embrace the natural wonders that can only be seen in New Zealand’s Aotearoa location, and take advantage of the amazing photo opportunities along the way.

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  • Entry to Hobbiton Movie Set GROUP Tour
  • Fully guided private return tour from Auckland just for you in a Mercedes luxury vehicle.
  • Pick-up and drop-off in Auckland incl. airport and cruise terminal.
  • All tours support local eco-cultural initiatives.

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Hobbiton Movie Set Tour: Sign Post
Hobbiton Movie Set Tour: Sign Post

Once the transport arrives, you will see some fantastic scenery on route to Hobbiton Movie Set. The stunning Waikato farming location provides unimaginable beauty, with fertile pastures, picturesque green countryside and a wealth of miniature village towns holding a heap of history behind them.

Once you have made your journey to Hobbiton, which is set in the idyllic location of Matamata, you will immediately be immersed in a world of fantasy. You will experience iconic views of the distant landscapes lined with sheep and farm life, and in the distance to the East is where the Kaimi Ranges reside. These areas deliver a true insight of where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies came to life, and where they first began.

There will be a solid two hours for guests to experience everything that the Hobbiton Movie set has to offer. The guides will share heaps of facts and secrets on the filming of Peter Jackson’s fantasy movies and the tour will appeal to fans of fantasy as well as those that are less familiar with the movies.

While in Hobbiton you will be able to explore the famous Hobbit Village where the amazing Middle-earth stories first came to life. Explore the Hobbit Holes which were dug into the sides of the hills in The Shire, before paying a visit to the end of Bagshot Row to visit Bilbo Baggins’ home. You might also like to get an inside look at the Green Dragon Inn that Frodo and Samwise often visited with friends, and enjoy a cold beverage or two while you are there.

Hobbiton Movie Set Tour: Guests
Hobbiton Movie Set Tour: Guests

At the end of the Hobbiton Movie Set Private Tour from Auckland, you will return back to your accommodation, having seen one of New Zealand’s most popular attractions of the last decade. You will come away with some amazing photos, and memories that will stay with you forever.

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2. Hobbiton Movie Set

Hillside Hobbit Homes at the Hobbiton Movie Set
The Hobbiton Movie Set in the lush countryside setting of Matamata in the Hamilton - Waikato region of New Zealand is one of the country's most-loved Middle-earth attractions.

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