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Culross / Cranesmuir
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Outlander Adventure 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh

Travel through time on the Outlander Adventure 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh. See the iconic sites from the TV series on this jam-packed adventure!

Scotland’s history is one that is tumultuous and full of action. Many violent battles were fought throughout the ages to make it the country that it is today. And it is this treacherous landscape that is the backdrop to Outlander. As an internationally-loved TV series, it manages to use the events of history to propel the stories of its characters. Furthermore, it does a great job of exhibiting the beauty of Scotland at the same time.

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Now you have the chance to see these sites for yourself!

The Outlander Adventure 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh transports you back through the ages. You will get the opportunity to visit the most famous filming locations from the TV series. Immersing yourself in these picturesque setting, you’ll be able to recreate some of the most iconic scenes.

Linlithgow Palace / Wentworth Prison
Linlithgow Palace / Wentworth Prison

The first stop on the Outlander Adventure 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh is Culross.

This small village is virtually unchanged since its humble beginnings back in the 16th century. Because of this, the Outlander production considered it to be the perfect location for Cranesmuir. This small fictional village has appeared numerous times throughout the life of the TV series. As you walk through the streets you are sure to recognise some of its buildings. You’ll even get to see the herb garden where Claire worked.

Next, it’s on to Doune Castle, recognisable to Outlander fans as Castle Leoch, home of Clan Mackenzie. As it is a quintessential example of a 14th-century castle, it is no wonder that Outlander isn’t Doune Castle’s only on-screen appearance. It also shows up in the comedy classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

From here, the Outlander Adventure 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh brings you to Linlithgow Palace. This building plays a very important role in the history of Scotland. Born within the palace’s walls was one of the country’s most iconic heroes: Mary Queen of Scots. However, the Outlander TV series uses the palace for a much less high-class. Instead of housing monarchs, it features as Wentworth Prison, where Jamie is held captive.

Culross / Cranesmuir
Culross / Cranesmuir

Maintaining the theme of depressing locations, the next stop is Blackness Castle. This formidable structure plays the part of Fort William, headquarters of ‘Black’ Jack Randall. To help take your mind off of the horrible deeds that took place here, why not treat yourself to some beautiful views from the castle walls.

The final stop on this tour brings you to Midhope Castle. Instantly recognisable as Lallybroch, it is the perfect place to get a photo before returning to Edinburgh!

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Unfortunately, only passengers over 5 years old are permitted on this tour.

You’re restricted to 14kg (31lbs) of luggage per person.

The entrance fees listed below are for guidance only and can change at any time.

Buying a Historic Scotland Explorer Pass (adult: £35 – £45) gives you free admission to over 70 properties in Scotland, including Blackness Castle, Doune Castle, and Linlithgow Palace.

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Locations (7)

2. Culross / Cranesmuir

Culross / Cranesmuir

The picturesque village of Culross has been around since the 17th century, featuring a mustard yellow palace, rustic village homes and is lined with idyllic cobbled streets. Culross is known for being the setting for the fictional location of Cranesmuir used in many scenes of the Outlander series.

Outlander fans will best remember Cranesmuir when it first appeared in season one, as a dull and grey looking town which it was painted for during filming. After filming stopped, the village was painted back to its original white colour.

In the centre of Culross, we find the location of Mercat Cross shown in fictional Cranesmuir. It was this location that we find the town square and the home of Geillis Duncan. The square was the filming location where Duncan was sentenced to burn after being discovered as a witch. The same area is where Jamie and Claire rescued Tammas the thief when his ear is pinned to a post.

3. Doune Castle / Castle Leoch

Doune Castle / Castle Leoch - Outlander

Doune Castle was built in the 14th century to seat Scotland’s uncrowned King Regent Albany, and the medieval courtyards of the castle showcase the king’s rich tastes. The castle has one of Scotland’s best-preserved great halls and has a stunning 100ft gatehouse.

The striking Doune Castle is the filming location of the fictional Castle Leoch from the Outlander series, featuring in every episode of the show. In the 18th century episodes, Castle Leoch is the home of Calum Mackenzie and his clan. In the 20th century episodes, Claire and Frank pay a visit to Castle Leoch on a day trip, only to discover the castle is in ruins. The scene where Claire, Jamie and Dougal’s party approach the castle courtyard was also captured a Doune Castle.

Doune Castle was the filming location of Winterfell in the Game of Thrones TV series and was also featured in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

4. Linlithgow Palace / Wentworth Prison

Linlithgow Palace by Night

The impressive Linlithgow Palace in Scotland dates back to the 12th century and is the birthplace of Scottish Monarchs such as Mary Queen of Scots. Linlithgow Palace is known by fans of Outlander as being the filming location of Wentworth Prison.

One of the best-known Outlander scenes filmed at the fictional Wentworth Prison is when Black Jack Randall captures, rapes and tortures Jamie during his incarceration.

Another Wentworth Prison scene we see in series one is when Claire pretends to be a relative to convince the jailer to allow her to visit Jamie, this is promptly declines before Claire leaves and throws up before Murtagh swiftly picks her up. This scene was shot at the entrance to Linlithgow Palace.

The spiral staircase that Claire descends trying to avoid the redcoats to free Jamie was also captured at Linlithgow, as was the scene further along where Claire searches the prison cells.

5. Blackness Castle / Fort William

Blackness Castle / Fort William

Blackness Castle is a 15th century-old fortress built by the Crichton family. It has been used as a royal residence, a prison and a weapons store. Due to its unusual shape, it is often referred to as ‘the ship that never sailed’. Blackness Castle is the filming location known for representing the fictional Fort William in the Outlander TV series.

As depicted in the Outlander TV adaptation, Fort William is the stronghold where Jamie received lashes from Jack Randall. This is also where Jamie’s father passed away after watching his son facing punishment. During the mid-season finale of series one, Blackness Castle was used as the filming location where Claire was held captive by Black Jack before Jamie breaks into Fort William to rescue her.

Blackness Castle is also known as being a location where scenes from 1990’s Hamlet and 2019’s Mary Queen of Scots was filmed.

6. Midhope Castle / Lallybroch Castle

Outlander: Midhope Castle / Lallybroch Castle

The breathtaking Midhope castle was built in Scotland and dated back to the 16th Century. The exterior of Midhope Castle remains intact however the interior of the structure has been neglected and has become derelict. In the fictional world of the Outlander TV series, Midhope Castle is the filming location for the home of Jamie Fraser known as Lallybroch Castle. Jamie’s parents left him ownership of Lallybroch, but the castle was also home to Jamie’s sister Jenny, her husband and their children.

Lallybroch is first introduced in a flashback scene in season 1 episode 2, which is when Jamie attempts to save Jenny from the clutches of the Redcoats but instead gets captured and taken to Fort William. We then see Lallybroch further in episode 12 when Jamie and Claire return to the castle, at which point a disagreement erupts with Jenny before settling in for the following few episodes. Some episodes later An encounter with ‘The Watch’ sees the characters having to leave Lallybroch.

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