Peaky Blinders Liverpool Tour + Tommy’s Mansion

Re-create the exploits of the Shelby family on the Peaky Blinders Liverpool Tour + Tommy’s Mansion. Visit the most iconic sites from the TV show on this full-day adventure.

Although it is set in Birmingham, much of the filming of Peaky Blinders was done further north in Liverpool. The historic architecture around the city makes it a perfect location to film a TV series set in the early 20th century. On this tour, you will have the chance to visit many of the most famous settings that you will recognise from the screen.

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Let your expert guide lead you through the criminal underbelly of post-World War One Britain.

You’ll get to visit Powis Street, a central location that appears regularly on the TV show. This is the setting of Watery Lane, the address of the Shelbys’ home, headquarters and betting office. Most notably, Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby rode a horse down this street in the very first episode. And, as an extra bit of local trivia, The Beatles’ Ringo Starr was also born on an adjoining street!

Peaky Blinders Liverpool Tour / Tommy's Office
Peaky Blinders Liverpool Tour / Tommy’s Office

Another Shelby residence on this tour is Aunt Polly’s Sutton Coldfield House. It is situated in the Port Sunlight model village, built in the late 1800s. But while this may be a model village, these scenes filmed here don’t always portray model behaviour. After all, it’s in this area that Tommy is nearly beaten to death by Father Hughes’ henchmen.

There’s even a bit of London on this tour!

Ellesmere Port is an industrial-era town along the Mersey River. It still maintains a large industrial purpose as a base for an oil refinery, a chemical works, and even a car factory. For the purposes of Peaky Blinders though, it was a unique backdrop that was used to represent London’s Camden Town. Tommy travels here to form a partnership with Alfie Solomons at his bakery/illegal alcohol business.

Staying with the waterside locations, you will also visit the Seacombe Ferry Terminal. In a last ditch effort to escape the Shelbys, Vincente and Audrey Changretta tried to board a boat to America here. Unfortunately, only one of them lived to make the journey.

On this your you’ll even get to travel outside of Liverpool to Cheshire.

Here you’ll visit Arley Hall, which doubles as Tommy’s country mansion. Fans of The Voice and Coronation Street might also recognise this stately home, as it has been used in both of those productions too. A guide will bring you through the house and grounds, before letting you explore the picturesque area.

The Peaky Blinders Liverpool Tour + Tommy’s Mansion lets you explore these and many other filming locations from around the city. Your guide will also delve into the real-life history of the Peaky Blinders, and the sites around Liverpool. And to top it all off, at the end of the day you’ll have the chance to enjoy a drink at Liverpool’s Peaky Blinders themed pub!

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