BBC Sherlock London Locations Tour by Black Taxi

Track down the modern incarnation of a classic character on the BBC Sherlock London Locations Tour by Black Taxi. Discover Holmes’ London in the comfort of his favoured mode of transport.

Sherlock Holmes is a British icon whose adventures have graced page and screen for more than a century. Introducing an updated version of the famous character in 2010, the BBC’s Sherlock brought a contemporary twist to the beloved detective. In doing so, they showed fans—old and new—how Holmes’ well-worn skills of deduction can be applied to the modern world.

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  • See where Toby the Dog leads Sherlock, Watson and Mary in the pursuit of Ajay and learn how a Dog isn’t always a man or woman’s best friend
  • Learn how Sherlock faked his own death at Europe’s oldest hospital
  • Visit one of London’s quirkiest landmarks and see a selection of real graffiti art
  • Finish the tour at the location used as 221B Baker Street
  • Enjoy the tour in a traditional London Black Taxi which Sherlock himself uses in the show

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Sherlock London Locations Tour
Sherlock London Locations Tour

Now you can re-live Sherlock’s modern adventures.

Led by your expert tour guide and driver, you’ll have the chance to see all the locations made famous by this hit TV series! Along the way, they’ll fill you in on some fun facts about the characters and their adventures. You might even get the inside scoop on some behind-the-scenes stories from the set.

London is the home to many Sherlock Holmes-related secrets and settings. Thankfully, you won’t need to be a renowned detective to find them here. You’ll visit iconic locations, like St. Bart’s Hospital. The oldest hospital in Europe, this is where Holmes and Watson meet for the first time in the BBC pilot episode. This scene actually mimics the original Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. St. Bart’s also holds the honour of being the location where Sherlock meets his untimely death…sort of.

Sherlock London Locations Tour
Sherlock London Locations Tour

Another location that is referenced in both the books and the TV series is the Diogenes Club. This fictional gentleman’s club is where Sherlock goes to meet his brother Mycroft. In real life, the building that features as this upper-class establishment is the British Academy on Carlton Terrace.

The BBC Sherlock London Locations Tour by Black Taxi will also take you to modern locations, unique to the TV series. Like the South Bank Skate Park.  Sherlock and Watson come here to study some cryptic graffiti in the episode The Blind Banker. Here you’ll be able to enjoy some of the work of London’s upcoming street artists. Also featuring in the same episode is London’s Chinatown. This colourful and vibrant area is a great place to grab a few photos!

The final stop on this tour is possibly the most important one of them all: North Gower Street. Fans may not recognise the name, but some elementary deduction will show you that this is the real-life location of Baker Street. Here you’ll get to stand outside the front door of 221b, Holmes’ base of operations. You might even be able to grab a coffee and a sandwich in Speedy’s Cafe next door. The perfect way to finish off your day of sleuthing!

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