Sherlock Holmes London Locations Walking Tour

Uncover the secrets of the world’s most famous detective on the Sherlock Holmes London Locations Walking Tour. Become a modern-day sleuth and discover the mysteries hidden around every corner of this amazing city.

Few characters and cities are as intertwined as Sherlock Holmes and London. The streets and buildings of the English capital have shaped the birth, life, and death of this beloved icon. Now you have the chance to follow in the footsteps of the great detective on this entertaining and intriguing tour.

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  • See where John Watson first hears of Sherlock Holmes from his friend Stamford
  • Visit locations featured in the BBC Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, as well as the big screen adaptation with Robert Downey Jr
  • Find existing locations from the Conan Doyle books including The Illustrious Client, The Bruce Partington Plans, A Study in Scarlet and other Sherlock stories
  • Join other fans of the great detective making it a collectively enjoyable experience

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Sherlock Holmes London Tour / Criterion
Sherlock Holmes London Tour / Criterion

Discover where it all began, and how the city created an icon.

Your tour begins at St. Bart’s Hospital, a fitting start to any exploration of Sherlock Holmes. It is outside this hospital, the oldest-standing in England, that Holmes and Watson meet for the first time. This chance meeting forges a partnership that brings them through numerous exciting adventures, both on the pages and on the screen. Fans of the Sherlock TV series will even recognise this building, as the characters’ meeting was recreated on the show.

This isn’t the only landmark mentioned in Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories either. Along the way you’ll be sure to see the British Museum, Lyceum Theatre and Royal Opera House. All of these help to paint a picture of Holmes’ London in The Illustrious Client, The Bruce Partington Plans, A Study in Scarlet and more.

Another iconic landmark connected with Holmes’ literary adventures is Strand Magazine HQ. While it doesn’t feature in the stories themselves, it still plays a vital role in the detective’s life. Strand Magazine published the first Sherlock Holmes stories, giving eternal life to an icon.

Sherlock Holmes London Tour / Simpsons
Sherlock Holmes London Tour / Simpsons

Aside from the books, Holmes and Watson have gone on around 250 on-screen adventures.

So, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of filming locations throughout London that you will visit too. These include New Scotland Yard. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock often frequents this building throughout the TV series. You can also visit the real Speedy’s Cafe, a regular stop for the modern Holmes and Watson.

Your tour ends with a stop at Somerset House. Used as a regular filming location on productions like James Bond, it also lends its facade to a famous Holmes adaptation. The building’s exterior features as the Diogenes Club in 1970’s The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Here we see Robert Stephens’ Holmes meet his brother Mycroft, played by Christopher Lee.

Although a fictional character, Sherlock Holmes has left an indelible stamp on London’s streets. It has, and will forever be, his playground for mystery and excitement. The Sherlock Holmes London Locations Walking Tour lets you be part of his story, and follow the clues that he has left behind.

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