Chronicles of Narnia Tour from Prague – Rocks Labyrinth

Meet the Tisa Rocks Labyrinth, a unique site of Bohemian Switzerland, where the Chronicles of Narnia movie was filmed. You will walk with us around erosion-created sandstone towers and pillars, navigate through narrow passages and explore small caves all around you.

This area is called Land of Narnia since some of the key scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia movie were filmed there. Let’s peek behind the scenes and discover the places that appeared in the movie.

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A professional guide will pick up you in front of your accommodation and take you to Bohemian Switzerland (about 2 hours from Prague), where you’ll enjoy walking in rock city and the Tisa Rocks labyrinth excursion. Hike around the Tisa rocks labyrinth and feel the atmosphere of a unique site where the Chronicles of Narnia movie has been filmed.

Bastei Bridge - Saxon Switzerland
Bastei Bridge – Saxon Switzerland

You will also visit Pravčická Gate, the biggest natural arch in Europe. It is considered the most beautiful natural formation in the Czech-Saxon Switzerland region. And it is the symbol of the whole area.

The Tisa Wall is one of the top locations in Bohemian Switzerland even though it’s not as crowded with tourists as other places like the Pravcicka Gate. You can wander through the sandstone rocks, climb through the natural labyrinth and take in the magical vibes of the place as if you were transformed to the land of Narnia.

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