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Scotland has a very interesting history which has captured the imagination of many TV and Film directors. In recent years Scotland has become a very popular location for filming smash hits such as Game of Thrones, Outlander, Braveheart, Rob Roy and The Outlaw King to name but a few. The locations for these filming sites have their own stories to tell which are equally exciting.

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Come on this tour and we will visit these magnificent locations and you will perhaps recognise Winterfell or many of the locations Jamie and Claire Fraser frequented in Outlander, but you will also get the opportunity to explore and discover the real stories behind these locations and who knows maybe you will find that fact is more interesting than fiction.

We will start the day visiting Blackness Castle, Jamie’s prison in Outlander. From there we will move on to Linlithgow Palace another filming location for Outlander and the site of Jamie’s brutal attack but in reality the birth place of Mary Queen of Scots.

From Linlithgow, we will head out to Stirling with the Battle of Bannockburn centre, the Wallace Monument and of course Stirling Castle as we walk in the footsteps of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. We will then head out into Scotland’s beautiful country side to visit Winterfell from the Game of Thrones or Castle Leoch from Outlander. We will finish our silver screen tour with a visit to the resting place of Rob Roy.

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2. Blackness Castle / Fort William

Blackness Castle / Fort William
Blackness Castle / Fort William

Blackness Castle is a 15th century-old fortress built by the Crichton family. It has been used as a royal residence, a prison and a weapons store. Due to its unusual shape, it is often referred to as ‘the ship that never sailed’.

When selecting a filming location for Outlander’s Fort William, Blackness Castle is the setting for Black Jack Randall’s stronghold. This is the scene where Jamie was whipped and tortured during his incarceration was filmed here, filling fans with genuine compassion for Jamie.

This is also where Jamie’s father passed away after watching his son facing punishment. During the mid-season finale of series one, Blackness Castle was used when Claire was held captive by Black Jack before Jamie breaks into Fort William to rescue her.

Not only did Blackness Castle showcase the backdrop of Fort William, but also captured scenes from 1990’s Hamlet and 2019’s Mary Queen of Scots.

3. Linlithgow Palace / Wentworth Prison

Linlithgow Palace by Night
Linlithgow Palace and St Michael's Parish Church by Linlithgow Loch

The impressive Scottish Linlithgow Palace dates back to the 12th century and is the birthplace of the Scottish Monarchs Mary Queen of Scots and James V. Due to its eerie exterior Linlithgow Palace serves as Outlander’s Wentworth Prison where Black Jack Randall captures, rapes and tortures Jamie during his incarceration.

This is also where Claire pretends to be a relative to convince the jailer to let her visit Jamie. The jailer promptly declines before Claire leaves and throws up before Murtagh swiftly picks her up. The spiral staircase that Claire descends trying to avoid the redcoats was also shot at Linlithgow, as was a later scene where Claire searches the prison cells.

7. Doune Castle / Castle Leoch

Doune Castle / Castle Leoch - Outlander
Doune Castle / Castle Leoch - Outlander

Doune Castle was built in the 14th century to seat Scotland’s uncrowned King Regent Albany, and the medieval courtyards of the castle showcase the regent’s rich tastes. The castle has one of Scotland’s best-preserved great halls and a stunning 100ft (30m) gatehouse.

Doune Castle served as the setting for Outlander’s Castle Leoch and is highlighted in several key scenes across the first season of the show. In the 18th century episodes, Castle Leoch is the home of Colum Mackenzie and his clan. At the beginning of the series, Claire and Frank pay a visit to Castle Leoch on a day trip, only to discover the castle is in ruins. Doune Castle also hosted the scene where Claire, Jamie and Dougal’s party approach the castle courtyard.

Doune Castle is more than just the home of Castle Leoch, as it was also the backdrop of Winterfell in the GOT TV series and was also seen in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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