Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour

Experience the journey to Hogwarts on the Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour. Relive some of the most scenic movie moments on this magical steam train adventure!

Scotland has played a huge role in the life of Harry Potter. Even though you may not have noticed it before, the country has helped to bring the character and story to life in more ways than one.

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When creating her now iconic character over 20 years ago, JK Rowling took inspiration from her Edinburgh home. The city’s buildings, streets and people all helped to shape the story. But that’s not where the Scottish influence stops! The country’s picturesque natural landscapes have also featured throughout the Harry Potter movie franchise. Their beauty has helped to shape the magical Wizarding World.

On this tour, you too can experience the majesty of the Wizarding World.

The Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour starts where it all began: Edinburgh. Here, you will meet your early morning coach outside the Elephant House. As you travel northwest, out of the city, you will pass through filming locations from all 8 movies. In the sprawling wilderness of Rannoch Moor, you will see the location where Death Eaters boarded the Hogwarts Express. You will also make a quick stop at Glencoe. This dramatic volcanic glen features throughout Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Most famously, this is the backdrop of the scene where Hermione punches Malfoy.

Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour
Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour

Then it is on to Fort William, where you will board the real Hogwarts Express! Sitting in the train carriages you can experience the excitement of travelling to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Travelling through the Scottish Highlands you will take in spectacular views along the way. Many of which feature in some of Harry Potter’s most iconic scenes.

You’ll travel over the magnificent Victoria Glenfinnan Viaduct. This 21-arched bridge is instantly recognisable from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. You never know, along with the stunning views, you might even catch a glimpse of a flying car!

Loch Shiel is another iconic location that you’ll find on the Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour.

This is where Buckbeak dipped his toe in the water in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It also makes an appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour
Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour

Gazing upon Loch Eilt, you’ll be sure to spot the tiny island of Eilean na Moine. This is the site of Dumbledore’s grave. The loch also features as a regular backdrop throughout the movies.

After a short rest stop at Mallaig fishing village, you will return to Edinburgh, capping off a magical day!

Please come prepared. Dress comfortably and for all weathers. This excursion is a long day to cover the distance and make the train departure time.

There are toilet facilities on board the coach and a small packed breakfast will be provided, but regretfully the tour cannot cater to individual dietary requirements. Please ensure you carry water and snacks. There are facilities on board the train and lunch options in Mallaig.

Locations (8)

2. Rannoch Moor

Driving over Rannoch Moor, one of the largest areas of wilderness in Scotland. This area of rugged wilderness was where the Death Eaters boarded the train in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 film.

3. Glencoe Pass

Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour
Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour

Through the haunting pass of Glencoe which was used as the backdrop for several scenes from the third film onwards. This famous and dramatic volcanic glen features in several background shots from Prisoner of Azkaban, including the scene where Hermione punches Malfoy.

4. Fort William

Harry Potter Tour: Jacobite Train
Harry Potter Tour: Jacobite Train

Arriving to Fort William in time to board the Jacobite Steam Train for the greatest railway journey in the world, a great way to see some famous movie spots from the window.

5. Glenfinnan Viaduct

Harry Potter Tour: Glenfinnan Viaduct
Harry Potter Tour: Glenfinnan Viaduct

Of course the most exciting part of the journey for most will be crossing the magnificent 21-arched Victoria Glenfinnan Viaduct. One of the most iconic images in the films is that of the Jacobite Steam Train known to us all as the Hogwarts Express travelling over the Glenfinnan Viaduct on its way to the school. Remember to look out for flying cars.

Whilst enjoying views of Loch Shiel (first seen in the Chamber of Secrets) from your window, yet another key location in the films and time permitting, the train may pause on the viaduct allowing you to take in the magnificent view and imagine yourself in the movie Prisoner of Azkaban as Harry encounters a Dementor for the very first time when the Hogwarts Express stops on the bridge.

6. Eilean na Moine / Dumbledore's Grave

The tiny island of Eilean na Moine was the island that held Dumbledore’s Grave and is framed by surrounding Loch Eilt used multiple times including the backdrop for the bridge into Hogwarts and for the location of Hagrid’s Hut.

7. Mallaig

Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour
Harry Potter Magical Highlands Tour

On arrival to the fishing village of Mallaig with its ferry route to the Isle of Skye (which you will get views of on a clear day) you will have a rest from location spotting, enjoy the village and some lunch. From here you will join your coach that will leave in time to stop at Glenfinnan Visitor Centre.

8. Glenfinnan Visitor Centre

We stop at Glenfinnan Visitor Centre where you can use this opportunity to take pictures of the Steam Train travelling back over the Viaduct (this option will involve some walking).

After the Glenfinnan stop you will return to Edinburgh via Loch Laggan.

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