Fort Lovrijenac / Red Keep
Dubrovnik / King's Landing
Dubrovnik West Pier / King's Landing Harbour
Dubrovnik / King's Landing

King’s Landing Walking Tour in Dubrovnik

Rub shoulders with royalty on the King’s Landing Walking Tour in Dubrovnik. Explore the sites of some of the most crucial Game of Thrones storylines.

For the best part of a decade, Dubrovnik has played an important role in the lives of TV lovers around the world. The city’s bustling streets and ancient architecture have set the stage for many of the most iconic Game of Thrones scenes. Featuring as King’s Landing, the Westerosi capital, this picturesque destination has seen action, betrayal, romance, and much more.

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Now, as the TV series comes to an end, the King’s Landing Walking Tour in Dubrovnik wants to help you explore the capital.

The winding streets and passageways of Dubrovnik are bursting with Game of Thrones history. Your favourite characters have hit highs and lows surrounded by its stunning buildings. And the King’s Landing Walking Tour in Dubrovnik will make sure that you get to walk in their footsteps.

Dubrovnik / King's Landing
Dubrovnik / King’s Landing

You will first meet your guide under a Lannister sigil at the Pile Gate. This entrance to the city has appeared in numerous episodes of Game of Thrones. Most notably, this is where the Lannisters are confronted by an angry mob.

From here you will climb the stairs up to Fort Lovrjenac, which features throughout the TV series as the Red Keep. While taking in the stunning views of Dubrovnik, you can also recreate some of your favourite scenes. Like when Tyrion slaps Joffrey, or when the Hound saves Sansa.

Moving past the docks where Myrcella sails off for her new life in Dorne, you will walk through the Gates of King’s Landing. Then it’s down through the streets of the Old City until you reach the Ethnographic Museum. A popular tourist attraction for the whole family, this building serves a more underground purpose in King’s Landing. This is the site of Littlefinger’s brothel, where many of your favourite characters have brought their business.

From here you can also catch a glimpse of the Bokar Fortress. While it never featured as a part of King’s Landing, it should still be recognisable to fans. The historic building played the role of the House of Undying in Qarth. Another Qarth location that you can see on this tour is the mansion of the Spice King. The building that features in the TV series is actually Dubrovnik’s Rector’s Palace.

Dubrovnik / King's Landing
Dubrovnik / King’s Landing

This walking tour also highlights some of the TV series’ most famous scenes.

Proving to be the lowest point in her character arc, Cersei’s Walk of Shame is not easily forgotten. On the King’s Landing Walking Tour in Dubrovnik, you’ll get to retrace her footsteps through the streets of the capital. Starting at the Jesuit Staircase, you can follow her path along Dominican Street.

Finally, your tour will finish at Revelin Fortress. Here you’ll be treated to spectacular views of Lokrum Island, which features as Qarth. You’ll also be able to see the arena where Oberyn Sand met his demise at the hands of the Mountain.

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