Lord of the Rings 6-Day North Island Tour

Accompany us as we visit some of Middle-Earths most iconic filming locations as we begin the Lord of the Rings 6-Day North Island Tour. We explore many of the memorable film set areas that featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, and these include seeing the wonders of Hobbiton, the secret entrance to Erebor, Mordor and many more.

Having a wealth of time available across the 6-day tour ensures an in-depth experience of everything Middle-Earth has to offer. A convenient start in a central Auckland location sets the tour off, and with a small group, it assures guests that personal experience will be delivered. The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings Trilogies Calligrapher and Cartographer Daniel Reeve delivers a fascinating presentation, and another special guest will deliver another presentation during the tour (confirmed on the month of booking).

From 1.800 per person

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Tour details

  • A NZ$ 500 per person deposit is required to confirm a booking. Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another month should you need to alter your plans.

  • We strongly recommend you take out adequate travel insurance to cover personal accident, baggage, cancellation fees, delays or missed flights, sickness and medical expenses.

  • Meeting point

    Auckland. You’ll get the exact meeting point on confirmation.

  • Tour departs

    Click the “Book this tour” button to see the available tour dates.

  • Tour ends

    Wellington. You will need a domestic airfare from Wellington back to Auckland.

  • Duration

  • Live guide speaks

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  • Tour operator

  • Cancellation policy

    45 days or more before start: full refund less NZ$ 500 per person (non-refundable deposit).
    21 days or more before start: 75% refund.
    11 days or more before start: 50% refund.
    After that time or no-show: no refund.

Full description

Lord of the Rings Tour: Map Maker
Lord of the Rings Tour: Map Maker

Day One

The Lord of the Rings 6-Day North Island Tour begins in a central Auckland location in the evening, with a complimentary welcome dinner to get to know the other guests venturing to Middle-Earth with you. Visiting the tour during winter months will include a special movie guest presentation. The evening ends when you settle into your Takapuna accommodation in Auckland, with an early start beginning on Day 2.

Day Two

Following a full cooked breakfast (provided from day two until day 7) guests will need to be ready for an 8:00 departure, with transport taking the group to Hobbiton along the Rotorua route. You will see some fantastic scenery on the way to Hobbiton Movie Set. The stunning Waikato farming location provides unimaginable beauty, with fertile pastures, picturesque green countryside and a wealth of miniature village towns holding a heap of history behind them.

Once you arrive in Hobbiton, you will be able to explore the famous Hobbit Village, where the fantastic Middle-earth stories first came to life. Explore the Hobbit Holes which were dug into the sides of the hills in The Shire, before paying a visit to the end of Bagshot Row to visit Bilbo Baggins’ home. You might also like to get an inside look at the Green Dragon Inn that Frodo and Samwise often visited with friendsand enjoy a cold beverage or two while you are there. Lunch is on us, which you can enjoy in the Marquee located next to the Green Dragon Inn.

Day 3

We depart for day 3 leaving Rotorua on a journey to the picturesque Trollshaw Forest which appeared in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,  located just west of Rivendell. Here you’ll witness some breathtaking scenery featuring a wealth of beech trees, and the filming location where trolls roamed to terrorise any passers-by. Heading towards Mt. Ruapehu and the Mordor filming location, enjoy a complimentary lunch before an overnight visit of Emyn Muil and Mt Doom where the stars from the movies stayed.

Day Four

The morning of Day 4 sets off with a visit to the location of Gollum’s fishing pool, where Andy Serkis almost met his demise plunging over a waterfall. We also visit the Secret Entrance to Erebor before Smaug destroyed it in the movie. We then depart for Wellywodd, located in Wellington City. An optional visit to dine at The Green Parrot Restaurant which is well-know as being one of Viggo’s favourites. You will spend the final three nights in Wellington accommodation.

Day Five

Day 5 of the Lord of the Rings 6-Day North Island Tour commences experiencing the movie capital of New Zeland in Miramar. Visit the Windows into Workshop tour to Marvel at the spectacular weapon and armour displays from the movies, purchase a souvenir and watch behind the scenes footage detailing the Weta company’s history. Experience the Wellywood location as a guided tour shows you some of the special effects used in some of the biggest movies ever. Experience the Weta Cave before heading to the Roxy Theatre for lunch on the house. The latter part of day 5 consists of visiting the filming location of the Get of the Road scene featured in The LOTR, offering stunning views of the city.

Day Six

There’ll be less travelling involved on Day 6 as we enjoy an extensive and interactive presentation from Daniel Reeve, The LOTR and The Hobbit Calligrapher and Cartographer. For those visiting during the winter months, day six will also include a presentation from an additional special movie guest.

Day Seven (Departure day)

Waking up to the final breakfast of the tour will see your Middle-Earth journey coming to an end. As you depart from Wellington, you will require a domestic airfare to return to Auckland, followed by an international flight for your journey home from Auckland.

Tour Highlights

Direct Bookings: Receive a Red Carpet Tours drawstring backpack in our Summer months and a Red Carpet Tours beanie in our Winter months.
Explore the beautiful village of Hobbiton.
Enjoy a drink at ‘The Green Dragon’ and a Marquee Festive Feast Lunch beside the Green Dragon!
Travel through a scenic farmland drive to the Trolls’ Cave and Trollshaw Forest
Discover the entrance to the Trolls’ Cave and Sting – Bilbo’s sword.
Capture amazing rock formations covered in bright green moss and lichen hanging from trees.
Visit the dark and jagged peaks of Mordor
Gollum’s Fishing Pool
Secret Entrance to Erebor
Meet actors and artists involved with the filming!
Behind the scenes Weta Workshop tour and exclusive discounts for Red Carpet Tours passengers!
Beautiful Roxy Theater
Special presentation and custom souvenirs from the Calligrapher and map maker for the LOTR and Hobbit, Daniel Reeve!

With the increasing El Niño, Global warming and changing weather patterns, we have found it necessary to have seasonal itineraries to enhance your experience of Middle-earth. These consist of the following months: Spring: Oct, Summer: Nov – Mar, Autumn: Apr – May, Winter: Jun – Sep

Locations (8)

2. Hobbiton Movie Set

Hillside Hobbit Homes at the Hobbiton Movie Set
The Hobbiton Movie Set in the lush countryside setting of Matamata in the Hamilton - Waikato region of New Zealand is one of the country's most-loved Middle-earth attractions.

3. Hairy Feet Waitomo / Trollshaws Forest

Hairy Feet Waitomo Hobbit Tour: Welcome Sign
Hairy Feet Waitomo Hobbit Tour: Welcome Sign

Major filming locations from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey:

The Company arriving at a destroyed farmhouse
The exit from the cave containing the troll hoard
Gandalf bestowing the sword, “Sting” upon Bilbo
Radagast arriving
The Orcs and Wargs attacking

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