Mission Impossible Private Walking Tour of London

Accept this mission and take the Mission Impossible Private Walking Tour of London and follow in the footsteps of the IMF (Impossible Missions Force). Explore the locations seen in the all-action blockbuster movie franchise starring Tom Cruise since the first movie appeared on screen in 1995.

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  • Check in at the London safe house from the first Mission Impossible movie
  • Discover where Lane was captured by the team in Rogue Nation

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Mission Impossible Tour
Mission Impossible Tour

Your guide will meet you outside the London safe house as seen in the first Mission Impossible movie. The tour includes more than 15 locations from MI1, MI5 and MI6 located in the City of London and Southwark. Halfway through the tour, there is an opportunity to have a pub stop at the same 17th century English pub venue that Ethan Hunt and Luther Stickell enjoy a pint at the end of MI1.

Along the route of the tour, you will see the site of the telephones where Hunt realises Phelps survived, the streets Ethan & Ilsa run through after escaping the cafe in MI5 and where Solomon Lane is trapped at the end of the same movie. You’ll also see iconic London sites that were the backdrop to scenes such as the epic rooftop chase in MI6 in which Tom Cruise suffered an injury performing one of the stunts.

Along the route of your Mission Impossible Tour, you’ll have plenty of chances to take lots of pictures and see the film locations up close.

The Mission Impossible Tour will finish at Temple Station. Let the action begin before this message self destructs.

Mission Impossible Tour
Mission Impossible Tour

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