James Bond London Locations Spy Tour

Embrace adventure and espionage on the James Bond London Locations Spy Tour. Explore the city streets and locations that helped to bring one of the world’s most famous spies to life.

This tour supplies you with insider intel and secrets about Ian Fleming’s iconic character. Embark on a journey of espionage, as your tour guide directs you through the streets of London and provides you with the best 007 facts.

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James Bond London Tour / Big Ben
James Bond London Tour / Big Ben

Step into the dangerous world of James Bond and other secret agents as we take a spy tour around James Bond London locations and sites from the great spy movies. On this tour you’ll visit over 12 James Bond London film locations plus sites from spy movies with Harry Palmer and Johnny English.

We’ll also see places familiar to James Bond author Ian Fleming who lived and died in London. See where fiction becomes reality as we take you to actual spy locations associated with the real world of espionage. Some of the famous sites around London include:

27 Green Street – This Mayfair townhouse is where James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, was born on the 28th of May 1908.

16 Victoria SquareFleming moved in to this house in the spring of 1953. This was the same time that he published ‘Casino Royale’. This was the first appearance of James Bond, and the birth of a British icon. Fleming wrote all of the subsequent Bond novels here, before his death in 1964.

Duke’s Hotel – This old London bar was a regular haunt for Fleming. It may have also been a source of creativity for him. Rumour has it that he was enjoying a drink here when he came up with 007’s famous catchphrase – ‘Shaken, not stirred’. Another rumour insists that both Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan celebrated getting the Bond role here, toasting the achievement with a martini in hand.

James Bond London Tour / Buckingham Palace
James Bond London Tour / Buckingham Palace

Somerset House – This large neoclassical building has served as two different locations, in two different countries, in two different Bond movies. In Tomorrow Never Dies, the building itself doubles as the London War Office. The courtyard also doubled as a courtyard in St. Petersburg, Russia during the filming of Goldeneye.

Vauxhall Cross – This building appears in many Bond movies as the MI6 HQ. It was even destroyed on-screen in Skyfall. When not being used for filming, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) uses it as their home base. As you walk by, see if you can spot a real-life spy.

The Old War Office, Whitehall – This location first appears in Octopussy. It is where 007 meets with M to receive his mission briefs. In reality, this building is the home of the British government.

Whether you’re a fan of James Bond’s on-screen adventures or a lover of the original books, this tour has everything you need! While you wander its streets and see its world-famous landmarks, discover the city that is engrained in this iconic character!

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