James Bond Locations Day Tour from London

Celebrate a British icon with the James Bond Locations Day Tour from London. Discover some of the most lush and picturesque settings from James Bond’s on-screen adventures on this exclusive small group tour.

Over the years, James Bond has done many, many things in the name of Queen and Country. One of these has been to show off some of the most interesting and scenic parts of  England. On this tour, you get the chance to explore some of the most 007 iconic locations from around the country. You’ll also learn some top-secret insider information from the making of the movies.

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James Bond Locations Tour / Zukovsky's Casino
James Bond Locations Tour / Zukovsky’s Casino

Leaving London in the morning, you will head straight for the leafy heart of Buckinghamshire.

Here you’ll be able to explore the shrublands that created the setting for the Bond classic Thunderball. Then it’s off to a local RAF base, where you will be treated to a guided tour of Alfred de Rothschild’s Victorian country house. The exterior and interior of this building were both used to create Zukovsky’s casino in The World is Not Enough.

From Buckinghamshire, it’s on to Oxfordshire, where you will be brought to the scenic Chiltern hills area. Here you’ll get the opportunity to visit the 12th-century house that doubled as The Bladen Safe House in The Living Daylights. This is where Soviet General Koskov is brought when he tries to flee the KGB. Unfortunately for him, the safe house is not safe enough, and Necros abducts him and brings him back East. Close by you will also see the location where Necros takes out an unsuspecting milkman. It was an event that really soured his day.

After a hearty lunch in the hotel where Major Derval stayed in Thunderball, the tour takes on a sombre tone. You will travel to the spot where Roger Moore’s Bond mourned the loss of his wife Tracy in For Your Eyes Only. Then, the grieving continues as you arrive at the place where Bond discovers Tibbett in his Rolls Royce, killed by MayDay.

Picking the excitement back up, the next stop is Pinewood Studios.

The adventures of James Bond have been shot at this location since Dr No in 1962. Here you’ll get the opportunity to stretch your legs with a trek through Black Park Country Park, Pinewood’s back lot. Countless scenes have been filmed in this space. Among them are the Alpine forest car chase in Goldfinger, the pipeline explosion from The World Is Not Enough and the Ugandan Rebel Camp from Casino Royale.

Finally, before finishing up back in London, you’ll make a quick stop in Notting Hill. Here you’ll be able to see 007’s apartment from the latest Bond movie Spectre.

James Bond Locations Tour / Necros Strangles Milkman
James Bond Locations Tour / Necros Strangles Milkman

For true fans of the series, the James Bond Locations Day Tour from London is the perfect outing. It allows you to learn about the history of the Bond movies, while also exploring the country that the character loves so much.

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