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Come and join us on a wonderful ride with breathtaking views and explore the original shooting locations from The Sound of Music in Salzburg and the Lake District including the wedding church in Mondsee.

Tour the picturesque World Heritage City of Salzburg as well as the beautiful landscapes where the opening scenes of the movie The Sound of Music were filmed with our live guide!

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Basilika St. Michael, Mondsee
Basilika St. Michael, Mondsee

The enormous success of The Sound of Music Broadway Musical by Rodgers & Hammerstein premiering in 1959 made film director Robert Wise and 250 crew members turn Salzburg and its surroundings into the Sound of Music filming location in 1964. And we took the Sound of Music film crew to the various locations where the famous movie was filmed.

Shortly after its release, the film became a tremendous success, receiving five Academy Awards, becoming the highest grossing movie ever and reaching cult status over the years. Both musical and film are based on The Story of the Trapp Family Singers written by Maria von Trapp in 1949.

Follow the traces of the Trapp family and take a tour through Salzburg and its surroundings. See the original film settings and just imagine being Julie Andrews, the main character in the film, playing Maria von Trapp.

Learn about the historical and architectural landmarks of Salzburg as well as the Lake District while enjoying the highlights of the movie. Relax and listen to the Original Sound of Music soundtrack and of course feel free to sing-along Edelweiss and many more…

Our live guide will tell you everything you need to know about The Sound of Music, the Trapp Familiy, the film locations and about the shooting.

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2. Leopoldskron Palace

Sound of Music Tour: Leopoldskron Palace
Sound of Music Tour: Leopoldskron Palace

The Palace at Leopoldskron is the most beautiful rococo building in the Salzburg region. It was built in 1731 by Archbishop Leopold Count Firmian as a residence for his family.

After 1837, when the Firmian family sold the estate, the building changed owners many times. Leopoldskron was a gallery, then became property of a landlord, and even the King of Bavaria can be found under the list of owners.

When famous writer Max Reinhardt, founder of the Salzburg Festival, bought it in 1918, it was in sad condition. Reinhardt renovated it, however, to its original beauty and used its garden for theater performances. Since 1958, the building has been owned by the “Salzburg Seminar in American Studies”, an institution that focuses on economy problems.

Schloss Leopoldskron was one of the most important locations for the film: The rear view was used for the Trap Family home. The family drank lemonade with the baroness on the terrace. Maria and the baron dance on the balcony during the ball scene, and the children fell into the adjacent lake. The Venetian room from the castle was copied and used as the ballroom for the interior shootings which were done in the studios.

3. Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Advent Market
Hellbrunn Advent Market

Hellbrunn Palace, just a few kilometers south of the city, was built between 1613 and 1619 under the orders of Markus Sittikus von Hohenems.

As the Archbishop had spent part of his life in Italy he tried to recreate an Italian atmosphere in this castle and its gardens. Unlike many other palaces, Hellbrunn has undergone no style changes and so, even today, the visitor can enjoy the lively southern scenery of this renaissance park.

The artificial water games in Hellbrunn with numerous grottoes, trick fountains and the mechanical toy theater were built to entertain the noble guests of Archbishop Markus Sittikus. The Impressive frescoes in the palace halls are masterpieces of the 17th century by Donato Mascagni From Florence.

The Gazebo at Hellbrunn

One of the main sites from the film is the glass gazebo, setting for various love scenes, like Sixteen Going on Seventeen and Something Good. After a complete renovation, it was reconstructed in the park of Hellbrunn Palace. This is not the original setting, which was the garden of Leopoldskron Palace, but a more accessible one for visitors.

4. View of Nonnberg Abbey from the bus

Sound of Music Tour: Nonnberg Convent
Sound of Music Tour: Nonnberg Convent

Nonnberg Convent is the oldest female convent north of the Alps. It has been in continual existence since it was founded in the year 714 A.D.

In the course of its history, the Abbey was destroyed by fire several times, but it was always rebuilt by the rulers of the city and the church. Today’s building was erected in the early 16th century. The wooden Gothic altar by the sculptor Veit Stoss is especially worth seeing . It is located in the St. John’s Chapel near the gate.

The Abbey on the Nonnberg is significant both for the real Trapp story as well as for the movie. After graduating from college, Maria Augusta von Kutschera took a train to Salzburg to present herself as a candidate for the novitiate of the Benedictine Sisterhood. After serving as a governess outside the abbey she and Baron von Trappmarried in the Abbey Church in 1927.

The Sound of Music scenes shot here include the opening part where nuns go to mass and Maria returns too late. The performance for the song “Maria” was staged in the courtyard of the Abbey. The children came to the Abbey’s gate to ask Maria to return to their home. The escape scene, with the cars parked outside the Abbey gate, was also shot in the original spot.

5. Salzburg Lake District Area – St. Gilgen

Saint Gilden, Mondsee
Saint Gilden, Mondsee

St. Gilgen is situated on another popular lake of the Salzkammergut, the Wolfgangsee. Mozart’s mother, Anna Pertl, was born here. That is why a little Mozart museum has been set up in the city center.

6. Mondsee – Wedding Chapel

Basilika St. Michael, Mondsee
Basilika St. Michael, Mondsee

A large cathedral dominates the small town of Mondsee. It was once the heart of an important monastery. Founded in 748 on the ruins of a roman settlement, it influenced the culture of the region for more than a thousand years until it was dissolved in 1792. The wedding scene in the movie was filmed here, Maria, led by Liesl, walked down the aisle to meet the baron in front of the main altar.

7. Mirabell Garden & Pegasus Fountain

Sound of Music Tour: Fountain & Mirabell Garden
Sound of Music Tour: Fountain & Mirabell Garden

Its characteristic, large, symmetrical flowerbeds make this garden a good example of a typical Baroque park.

It was built in the 18th century following the plans of the famous architect Fischer von Erlach. Countless statues inspired by Greek myths can be seen throughout the park which is centered by a big fountain. In the film, Maria and the children danced around the Fountain singing “Do-Re-Mi”.

The Pegasus fountain next to the 17th century palace can also be spotted in the movie. The stairs leading up to the rose hill were part of the choreography as well.

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