Call the Midwife Tour

Travel back in medical history on the Call the Midwife Tour. Take a look behind the scenes of the hit TV show on a walking tour overseen by the actual production team.

Since first arriving on television screens in 2012, the popularity of Call the Midwife has skyrocketed. It has now produced nine seasons, Christmas specials and even a hit album, and attracts huge international audiences. On this tour, you will get to see where the show comes to life.

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  • Experience the official Call the Midwife Tour brought to you by the makers of the show and explore the filming locations.
  • See behind the scenes photos and stories and original props and costumes
  • Walk along the roads, pass slums and warehouses, where the midwives cycle to help the many mothers-to-be give birth
  • Hear anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories of the filming of the hit show
  • Get a chance to explore the historic dockyard by yourself either before or after the tour at no extra cost

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Explore the filming locations that will transport you back to 1950s England.

While Call the Midwife is set in London, Chatham Dockyard in Kent is its main filming location. The site spans over 30 hectares, and comprises of over 100 buildings and structures dating back to Georgian and Victorian eras. These features make it the perfect home for the popular period drama. From cobbled streets to leafy parks to the interior shots of characters’ houses, all can be found on this location.

On this tour, you will get the chance to see all the sites from Poplar Dock, the East End area where the TV show is set. One of these is the exterior of the hospital where countless births have taken place. There’s also the waterside areas that stand in for the Thames dockside, and even Dr Turner’s office.

Call the Midwife Tour / Chatham Dockyard
Call the Midwife Tour / Chatham Dockyard

Some parts of Chatham Dockyard are even named after the Call the Midwife characters that passed through it. As you stroll through the lanes and streets you’ll be sure to walk out onto ‘Chummy’s Hill’. Staff at the dockyard named it this in honour of Miranda Hart’s much-loved character Camilla “Chummy” Browne. In a memorable scene from the show, Chummy loses control of her bicycle on this hill. As a result, she crashes into PC Noakes.

While traversing the world of pregnancy and childbirth, you will be in the safe hands of one of the site’s expert ‘midwife’ tour guides.

Along with guiding you through the streets of Poplar, they will also fill you in on some insider stories from behind the scenes. Like how minced beef was a vital part of one of the more memorable birthing scenes.

They’ll also show you some authentic props used for filming. Like the prosthetic babies that stand in for real-life newborns. And even the production’s collection of prop umbilical cords. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit every different baby.

Because so much of the TV show is filmed Chatham Dockyard, the Call the Midwife Tour gives fans a complete picture of their favourite TV show. With friendly, informative staff, and so many recognisable locations, it is a truly unique experience.

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