Jack The Ripper London Walking Tour

Visit the streets of a real-life murder mystery on the Jack The Ripper London Walking Tour. Follow the crimes of Saucy Jack, picking up clues and theories along the way.

Jack the Ripper is the name given to one of the most notorious criminals in London’s history. The unidentified killer has fuelled the imaginations of many theorists and researchers over the years. His dark characteristics have also made him the quintessential villain, appearing in many fictional works. Now you have the opportunity to learn about the crimes that spurned his infamy, and maybe even try and solve his mystery.

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  • Walk the same streets as the Ripper’s victims and explore the dark passages and alleys that they would still recognise today
  • Visit the actual murder sites of the victims as well as others who were also thought to be murdered at the hands of the Ripper
  • Learn about the clue and non clue of Goulston Street
  • See and hear documentary evidence of the murders with the aid of still photos and letters
  • Be shocked and terrified at the crimes of Jack the Ripper

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Jack The Ripper London Walking Tour
Jack The Ripper London Walking Tour

Visit the scenes of Ripper’s gruesome murders!

There are many shared characteristics between Jack the Ripper’s victims and the ways in which they were killed. These women were generally suffocated and sliced at the throat. Their bodies were also mutilated, with organs and body parts sometimes being removed too. This was the case for the first known Ripper victim, Mary Ann Nichols. She was killed on 31 August 1888 on Durward Street in Whitechapel. When she was found, the doctor noted that while the body was mutilated, there was very little blood.

This information led police at the time to believe that their suspect was someone familiar with anatomy. Possibly a doctor or a butcher. The suspicions were supported further on the finding of Annie Chapman. Left dead in the backyard off of Hanbury Street, reports claim that the woman’s womb had been removed.

See the sites connected with the night of 30 September 1888

This was the night that Saucy Jack killed twice. His first victim was Elizabeth Stride on Henriques Street. She was found with blood still running from her neck. It is believed that her murder was interrupted and the killer fled the scene.

Later that night, Catherine Eddowes also met her demise. She was found along Mitre Street, missing her uterus and her left kidney. Nearby Goulston Street also plays a significant role in this night’s events. Here police found a blood-stained piece of Eddowes’ apron. This is seen as one of the most important clues from the whole investigation. In the same location, police also found some graffiti that may or may not have been left by the killer. It will be left up to you to decide its importance.

Jack The Ripper London Walking Tour
Jack The Ripper London Walking Tour

Finally, the tour will bring you to White’s Row. Here your guide will show you where Mary Jane Kelly, supposedly Jack the Ripper’s final victim, was killed. She was found in her bed, with her body skinned to the bone. Because Kelly was younger than the rest of the Ripper victims, some believe that she may have been murdered by a copycat.

To help you piece the mystery together, your expert guide will provide you with photos and letters connected with the case throughout the tour. They’ll even give you information about the main suspects and why police thought they might be the secret killer. From princes to cotton merchants, it will be up to you to decide who you think the real Jack might be.

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1. Meeting Point: City of London Police, 182 Bishopsgate

Meet your guide 10 minutes before the tour to the left of the entrance of the City of London police station, 182 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4NP (Leave Liverpool Street Station by the Bishopsgate West exit and you will see the police station on the opposite side of Bishopsgate).

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