Da Vinci Code Private Walking Tour of London

Join us on the Da Vinci Code Private Walking Tour of London for a 2½ hour walk around central London to unravel the mystery of Dan Brown’s bestseller. Learn fascinating facts about the novel and its subsequent release as a movie.

Using stills from the film and excerpts from the book, you’ll visit both the actual film locations as well as the locations featured in the London leg of Dan Brown’s novel. As you get to the bottom of the Da Vinci Code, you’ll also see many famous landmarks along the way including Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, The Strand and many other places of interest.

The Da Vinci Code Private Walking Tour of London will finish at Westminster Abbey where you can choose to go inside the abbey at your own leisure.

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  • Walk down the street where Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu escape from Rémy
  • Visit the National Gallery and see one of Da Vinci’s famous works of art
  • Explore the ancient Knights Templar church featured in both the book and the movie that contains the effigies of the Knights (only open on select weekdays - not at weekends)

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