Bridget Jones London Locations Walking Tour

Delve into the life of Britain’s most famous 30-something singleton on the Bridget Jones London Locations Walking Tour. Re-create iconic scenes from all three of the movies, and walk in the footsteps of Renée Zellweger’s character from the big screen!

Bridget Jones had a humble beginning. Her commentary on life in London first appeared as a column in The Independent newspaper, written by Helen Fielding. What came next was a global phenomenon encompassing three novels and three successful movies that are adored throughout the world. Now you have the chance to explore the sites and settings that created this character’s home and brought her to life.

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  • Pose for a picture by the front door of Bridget Jones’s apartment as seen in all three films
  • See where Darcy buys Bridget a new diary at the end of the first film
  • Pop into the newsagent where Bridget bumps into Darcy during the Aghani law case
  • See the location used as the offices of Mark Darcy in Edge of Reason and Bridget Jones's Baby
  • Visit the church used for the memorial service for Daniel Cleaver

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Bridget Jones London Locations Tour
Bridget Jones London Locations Tour

The Bridget Jones London Locations Walking Tour takes in all of the important movie scenes.

Your guide will bring you through Borough, a neighbourhood that is used as a backdrop throughout the movies. And Bridget Jone’s isn’t the only person who’s had on-screen adventures in this area. You might also recognise these streets from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Entrapment, and even Harry Potter.

Here you’ll see Bridget’s apartment, above The Globe pub on Bedale Street. Also on Bedale Street is the location for the Greek restaurant brawl between Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) and Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).

The busy Borough Market is also a notable location in the area. Here we see Bridget wander aimlessly after catching Daniel with “Lara, from the New York office”. And, speaking of Daniel, just a quick walk away you will find the Clink Wharf Apartments, the setting for his bachelor pad.

Bridget Jones London Tour / Royal Courts of Justice
Bridget Jones London Tour / Royal Courts of Justice

Many of London’s most stunning landmarks also play a part in Bridget’s (mis)adventures!

You’ll get to visit the Royal Courts of Justice, where Bridget messes up her assignment, trying to cover a case for Sit Up Britain. And of course, there’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, a building that will make any Bridget Jones fan cringe. This is the location of the failed book launch of Kafka’s Motorbike. In real life, the Institute host many performances and events. Hopefully, none of them ever go as badly as Bridget’s.

Finally, the Bridget Jones London Locations Walking Tour wouldn’t be complete without re-living one of her most romantic scenes. At the end of the first movie, Bridget leaves her apartment and races through London’s streets to find Mark. When they meet, he is holding a new diary for her, and they share a passionate kiss. All of this iconic scene was filmed in the Cornhill area of the city, with the final shot taking place outside the Mont Blanc diary shop. While it seems like this area is just around the corner from where Bridget lives, it’s actually over 1.5km away. That’s one hell of a run!

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