Midsomer Murders Locations Tour from London

See where the scenic meets the sinister on the Midsomer Murders Locations Tour from London. Explore the rolling countryside that has been the stage of many TV crimes for over 20 years.

Since 1997, Midsomer Murders has proved that rural communities aren’t as crime-free and easy-going as people might think. Secret killers are likely to pop up in all manner of stately manors, quaint cottages, or the local cosy tavern. Now you can roam through the picturesque settings the feature as the backdrops for countless bloody crimes.

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  • Visit DCI Tom Barnaby’s hometown of Causton
  • Visit locations from over 20 episodes of Midsomer
  • Explore the Midsomer village also used in other famous productions including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Vicar of Dibley

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Midsomer Murders Tour / Turville
Midsomer Murders Tour / Turville

Take a trip through some of England’s most verdant villages.

Leaving from London, this tour will guide you through several English counties, including Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. These have been the filming locations for Midsomer Murders for more than two decades. Their relaxed and idyllic atmospheres work in stark contrast to the high-drama storylines of the TV series.

One of the main attractions on the Midsomer Murders Locations Tour from London is Wallingford. This Oxfordshire town on the banks of the Thames regularly features as Causton, the home of DCI Barnaby. Diehard fans should recognise the Wallingford streets and buildings. You might even see a few familiar faces, as the locals often work as extras in the production.

But Wallingford can’t lay claim to all of the Causton glory. The town of Thame also lends a few of its buildings to the fictional village. Most notable is the Thame town hall, a regular Causton filming location.

Another regular filming location throughout the years has been Mapledurham House. The estate has represented many different locations in many different episodes. Most recently it featured as a health spa. Needless to say, it has also been the setting of many mystery killings.

Midsomer Murders Tour / Hambledon
Midsomer Murders Tour / Hambledon

Another hub of murderous activity over the years has been Turville, a village in Buckinghamshire. But Midsomer Murders is not Turville’s only claim to fame. It has featured in many small and big-screen productions. You’ll be sure to recognise some of its settings from the Vicar of Dibley, Goodnight Mr. Tom, and even Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Other rural locations used in the TV show include Warbourough, Dorchester-on-Thames, the Chilterns, and more. Whether it’s historic architecture, thatched-roof pubs, or just rolling green hills, each offers a unique backdrop. Throughout the tour, your guide will be sure to point out all of the notable scenes shot in these areas. They’ll also provide you with some anecdotes from behind the scenes, revealing some of the mysteries behind this long-running whodunnit!

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