Mary Poppins Walking Tour of London

The Mary Poppins Tour of London is a 2-hour guided walk exploring film locations from the sequel with Emily Blunt as well as literary sites.

Grab your parroted umbrella and join the Mary Poppins Walking Tour of London for a jolly holiday. Trip the light fantastic and explore on foot the magical fun-packed walking tour of the film locations and inspirations in the City of London.

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  • Visit film locations used for Mary Poppins Returns
  • Dance on the steps as seen in the new film
  • Find out why Julie Andrews didn’t appear in the sequel
  • Hear about the London in which Jane and Michael grew up
  • Find out details from the original Mary Poppins books and film, including the meaning of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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Mary Poppins Tour of London
Mary Poppins Tour of London

The classic 1964 film starred Julie Andrews as the Nanny and Dick van Dyke as Bert the chimney sweep. The film was adapted from the children’s stories by author P. L. Travers.

Join other Poppins fans and learn about everyone’s favourite nanny. Learn how the films were made and the background to the books. Test out your Mary Poppins knowledge too. Can you speak Leery? You’ll get to learn a few catchphrases from the film to try out when you go home.

On the Mary Poppins tour, you will see where Mary Poppins Returns was filmed. The tour includes scenes from the catchy and energetic “Trip a Little Light Fantastic”. As this is the sequel to the iconic Disney film “Mary Poppins” you will also visit the now-famous corner steps where the bird lady sits. Although she may not be there,  you can hum “Feed The Birds” to yourself and snap a few photos, too.

Mary Poppins Tour of London
Mary Poppins Tour of London

No tour about a flying nanny would be complete without a trip to the rooftops of London. Grab a lift to capture some stunning views of St Paul’s Cathedral. You will end our tour at the bank, of course, where Jane and Michael flew their kite up to the windows to save No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

The 2-hour walking tour includes many of the film locations and inspirations from the film Mary Poppins Returns. Inspirational locations from the books including the Bank of England, the Royal Exchange and the sites used for the streets of London.

The Mary Poppins Tour is the most practically perfect way to see London and the locations used in the new Mary Poppins Returns movie starring Emily Blunt as the world-famous nanny.

As you walk, you’ll also get to see many other familiar landmarks along the way. Your tour guide will point out some historic locations and provide additional information. This is a practically perfect mix of fiction and reality.

Mary Poppins Tour of London
Mary Poppins Tour of London

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