Kingsman Private Tour of London by Black Taxi

Join us on a three-hour Kingsman Private Tour of London by Black Taxi including Kingsman HQ, Harry Hart’s home, where Manners Maketh Man and more. Step into the world of the secret Kingsman organisation and discover locations that have featured in the two hit movies starring Colin Firth (Harry Hart) and Taron Egerton (Eggsy).

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  • See more than ten filming locations from both Kingsman movies including the home of Harry Hart and the Savile Row HQ of the Kingsman
  • Enjoy the tour in a traditional London Black Taxi - the same style of vehicle that Eggsy drives in the second film
  • Have a rest break at the same pub setting where Harry Hart teaches the locals about manners
  • Learn about the making of the films and the regal areas in which many of the locations are placed

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The Kingsman tour will take you around some of the key locations from the first two films and explore areas such as Mayfair, St James, Westminster and Kensington in the comfort of a traditional London Black Taxi, the same style of vehicle used by a Kingsman operative.

Kingsman London Tour
Kingsman London Tour

After a pick up from your central London hotel, your driver and guide will take you to the HQ of the Kingsman organisation in Savile Row, itself a real tailor shop, in the world’s most famous street for bespoke suits and garments. You will also get to see the new HQ of the organisation just down the road and again another world-famous shop selling fine wines.

Other sites included on the tour are where Harry Hart meets Professor Arnold, who was played by Mark Hamill. Not far from here is Harry Hart’s home – faithfully rebuilt since its destruction in the second film. As you will be travelling by London Black Taxi, you will get a chance to drive into a part of Hyde Park not normally accessible by other vehicles to see where Eggsy’s specially adapted Black Taxi makes a dramatic escape from Charlie Hesketh, a former Kingsman trainee.

Kingsman London Tour
Kingsman London Tour

Of course, the tour wouldn’t be complete without a comfort break to the pub setting where Harry Hart teaches some of the local lads about how ‘Manners Maketh Man’.

As part of the tour, there will be opportunities to get in and out of the car and some walking will be required, so make sure you bring comfortable shoes and dress for all seasons.

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