Star Wars Half-Day Tour from Tozeur

Join us as we become one with the force by embarking on the Star Wars Half-Day Tour from Tozeur, exploring some of the most memorable locations of the entire franchise.

As we journey to various Star Wars film set locations in Tunisia we’ll experience the scenes caught on camera at Star Wars Canyon. Discover the home of Luke Skywalker, take a trek along the picturesque Mos Espa streets and much more.

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Once guests are collected from their designated meeting point (confirmed before the start of the tour), the Star Wars Half-Day Tour from Tozeur will begin. The first part of the tour will start with visiting the breathtaking Dune Sea, a vast stretch of desert situated at the outer edges of Tatooine. As we arrive at each location, there are ample opportunities for groups to take photos, so it’s advised to have a camera at the ready.

The next step of our journey commences with a visit to the Krayt Dragon Ridge. The Krayt Dragon is a common species of a dragon which would commonly be seen in the rocky canyons of Tatooine. Groups will visit Chott El Jerid, which is the location of the igloo of Lars Family Homestead exterior. Luke Skywalker was raised at the Lars Family location by Owen and Beru Lars until he turned nineteen. The final shot of Revenge of the Sith and Attack of the Clones both featured this location.

Once we finish taking in the fantastic Tunisian scenery guests will experience Sidi Bouhlel Canyon, which is often referred to as Star Wars Canyon. For Star Wars fans this filming location captured several scenes showcased in Star Wars: A New Hope. Star Wars Canyon is renowned for being the home of the desert planet of Tatooine and is recognisable as the place where Obi-Wan rescued Luke Skywalker as well as where R2-D2 is kidnapped. The Tusken Raider scenes and Jawa Rock was also filmed here.

Star Wars: Nefta / Mos Espa
Star Wars: Nefta / Mos Espa

After taking advantage of the fantastic photo opportunities of Sidi Bouhlel Canyon, we move onto the next tour location of the Mos Espa film site. The place is superbly located amongst the Sahara dunes. It is this area that viewers grew to recognise as the filming location of the pod-racing arena. While here guests can almost hear young Skywalker speeding past the finish line.

The Mos Espa streets, Watto’s shop, market, and Sebulba’s Café are located here. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore should you wish. Looking in an eastern direction of the film set is where guests will witness the Yardangs which became famous for an appearance in Star Wars: Episode I. The Yardangs is where the battle between Darth Maul and Qui-Gonn had viewers gazing at their screens when it aired in 1999. The Queen’s Royal Starship was also caught on camera here. Ong Jemel is very nearby and is the area where Darth Maul issues the Sith Probes after his arrival in Tatooine.

The Star Wars Half-Day Tour from Tozeur draws to a close at this point. Our tour groups are taken back to their original pickup location, or a more convenient drop-off point to suit the requirements of our guests.

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4. Naftah / Mos Espa

Nefta / Mos Espa, Star Wars Filming Location
Nefta / Mos Espa, Star Wars Filming Location

Near Nefta you will find the Mos Espa film sites of the Pod-racing arena, the Mos Espa streets, Watto’s shop, the market, and Sebulba’s Café.

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